Final Fight Abigail
Abigail, as he appears in Final Fight.
Full Name Abigail
Birthdate October 16[1]
Birthplace Canada[1][2]
Height 8'0" (244 cm)[1][2][3]
Weight 584 lbs (265 kg)[1][2]
Blood Type AB[1]
Likes Bananas[1], big cars, death metal[2]
Dislikes Rust[1] being made fun of his name
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Violent[3]

Abigail (アビゲイル Abigeiru?) is a character from the Final Fight series of beat 'em up games. He is a former member of the Mad Gear Gang, first appearing as the boss of the penultimate stage in the original Final Fight, Metro City's Bay Area. Abigail later appeared as a playable character in the Street Fighter series of fighting games starting with the second DLC season of Street Fighter V.[4]



Abigail is an extremely large man with a narrow flat-top haircut. His attire in the Final Fight games closely resembles a white version of that worn by the Andore Family, but he is keen to point out that he is not one of them.[5] He usually wears facepaint, but in Mighty Final Fight, a non-canon retelling of the original Final Fight with chibi sprites, he is seen without facepaint.

Abigail's height and weight even surpasses Hugo's, and he is the tallest character in the whole Street Fighter franchise so far.

In Street Fighter V, his tanktop sports skull prints, tire track prints on his pants, and tires worn as both rings and large armbands, the armbands with "Mad Gear" painted on them in white. On a wallet chain on the right side of his pants is a tire worn through it, and around his neck is a black leather spiked collar. In a possible manner like Birdie, who is designed to be like a bird in fashion, Abigail's overall features come to give him the similarities of a bulldog, which are portrayed as relentless guard dogs in popular media.

His first alternate costume is similar to his default attire but he wears a welding mask to conceal his face, blue jeans, and one of the shoulders of his tank top is ripped. A large tire is stretched diagonally across his body.

His second alternate costume has him shirtless, but accessorized with a pair of goggles and large tire shoulder bands with chains draped across them. His black flap top hairstyle becomes red, shoulder length dreadlocks, he also gains a red, walrus mustache and holds a crookedly bent nail between his teeth. His tire-track marked trousers are suspended by a belt with a cog as a buckle. On a minor note, this outfit is most reminiscent of Skull Cross Gang member Caine.


Despite having been in a gang and being an expert on vehicles, Abigail is shown to be quite dimwitted, hot tempered and childish. He always likes to pretend he's a driving car and making bad car noise, he also has a bad habit by getting upset and starts crying thinking someone stole his car whenever Roxy, Axl and J borrow it.

He is not malicious or antagonistic though, as his win quotes against Chun-Li and Nash indicate that he has both put his Mad Gear days behind him and is akin to more of a jock with crude humor and a one-track mind, but fairly jovial.

Story Edit

Early lifeEdit

By all reasonable accounts, Abigail isn’t the type of name a person would typically associate with a street gang. But when the Mad Gear went looking for an enforcer to take control of Metro City's scenic Bay Area, the most highly qualified candidate they could find was a huge mountain of a man but with a girl's name.[citation needed]

To say that Abigail was cursed from the cradle would be an understatement. Bound by the stigma of his unconventional birth name, Abigail struggled through those arduous years of school, ignoring the ceaseless teasing and taunting brought on by his schoolmates. Although considerably bigger than most of them, Abigail had been taught by his parents that violence was not an acceptable way to resolve conflicts. While it seemed like good parenting at the time, the constant ridicule from his classmates ultimately led Abigail to become withdrawn. As a result, his social skills deteriorated, to the point where even his small circle of friends eventually grew apart from him.[citation needed]

By this time Abigail had grown to despise his parents, and at the age of seventeen, he ran away from home to find his place in the world. But on the harsh streets of Metro City, the only real opportunites were those offered by the city’s multiple street gangs. Unfortunately for Abigail, not all of them were hospitable, and he soon found himself at the mercy of a dozen older thugs after innocently wandering into their turf. Undeterred by the newcomer’s size, the punks proceeded to pounce on Abigail, fists and feet flying.[citation needed]

As he curled up to absorb the punishment, a white-hot flame of rage began to grow within him, which only seemed to be fueled by the blows continuously raining down upon him. With a primal scream, Abigail suddenly reared up from the ground and exploded on his adversaries, hurling wild punches and tossing them about at will. The few punks who survived the melee gaped in horror at the raging giant, then quickly fled down the alleyway, leaving their friends to their fate.[citation needed]

Barely a week after the incident, word of Abigail’s might had reached the ears of the Mad Gear Gang. In need of an enforcer, they sent out members to scout this new prospect, and to offer him a place in the gang’s hierarchy. Honored to have found a social group willing to accept him, Abigail joined Mad Gear, putting his strength and indomitable rage to good use.[citation needed]

Final FightEdit

When Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica was kidnapped by the gang, Cody and Guy took a shortcut through the Bay Area on their way to Belger's penthouse. It was there they encountered Abigail, who told them to cool down, stating that Jessica is having a "good time" with Belger. At this, Cody rushed to save Jessica from Belger's hands, leaving Guy behind to deal with Abigail. After a difficult fight, Guy managed to beat Abigail.

Street Fighter VEdit

After the events of Final Fight and the fall of Belger, Abigail supposedly quit his criminal ways and started a mechanic's garage in the Metro City Bay Area called "Abigail's Scrap Metal," hiring fellow former Mad Gear goons J, Axl and Roxy who also assumedly live at the garage with him.

Thinking that his car was missing, Abigail was standing around crying and making various bad impressions of car sounds. He is encountered by Ibuki, Zangief, Juri and Vega who were puzzled and insulted by his behavior. This was specifically due to his habit of making really bad impersonations of car noises (in the cases of Ibuki and Vega as he was making the sound of a fart and pig respectively), saying he felt "flat" which insulted Juri by making her think he was talking about her bust size and crying/booing Zangief. Only Alex was able to recognize Abigail's sounds (in this case, a 6.5 liter V8 Turbo Diesel engine) on which one is Abigail's missing car, but two of them fought anyway just because he needed to vent his anger out on something.

After that fight, J, Axl and Roxy show up and remind him that he originally let them borrow the car for the day. The trio mock Abigail for forgetting this, causing him to fly into a rage and thrash them all into the car as he walks away casually.

Cameo appearanceEdit

Abigail makes a background cameo in the Mad Gear Hideout stage of Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Fighting styleEdit

Abigail uses no finesse or any specific style in his fighting, just brute force and little speed. He picks up his opponents and throws them around like rag dolls. He occasionally turns red with Max Power, which swells his muscles, thus making him stronger and uses running body slams. In Final Fight One, "Alpha Cody" (a non-canon unlockable character who is the Cody seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 somehow reliving the past) notes that he hadn't been terribly impressed by Abigail, asking whether he still stuck to "using only one attack pattern".[6] In Mighty Final Fight, one of his humorous attacks is to pick up his opponents and kiss them.


In Street Fighter V, Abigail's playstyle is more of that of a striker like Balrog in contrast with Hugo's wrestling style, possibly in order to deviate the former from the trend of large, hulking characters who are often grapplers. He and Hugo may have moves that charge towards the opponent, but Hugo does so in a way to set up throws as a wrestler whereas Abigail likes to bulldoze and pummel them like a brute. Additionally, Hugo's strikes set up his grabs, whereas Abigail's grabs set up his strikes.

As he often states in victory quotes against speed-orientated characters, he cares little about speed or even a balance between power and speed; all he's about is hitting hard to cripple his opponents and is able to take hits from fast combos. However, this does not mean that he cannot pull off some devastating combos himself, because while his moveset consists of slow, hard-hitting attacks that are typically seen with other large characters, his moves have two command grabs and a clever use of canceling between unique and special moves will really bring the fullest extent of the damage he can deal.

Other appearances Edit

Abigail also appeared in the Japan-only release Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2.


  • Abigail is the Street Fighter series' first playable character from Canada.
  • Abigail is also the first playable Final Fight character in Street Fighter V, and the eighth Final Fight character to appear playable in the Street Fighter games.
  • Despite being the tallest character in the series, Abigail is the second heaviest; Gill, despite being shorter than Abigail by over a foot, weighs 161 lbs more at 745 lbs.
  • In Street Fighter V, Abigail is the only character that can't be knocked into any of the stage knockout zones, likely because he is too big.
  • Abigail's Street Fighter V theme is a remix of his original battle theme from Final Fight. The Metro City Bay Area stage (which is the stage where Abigail was originally fought) also contains a remix of the Bay Area music from the same game.
  • Abigail's colors 11-15 reference the Andore Family in this specific order; Andore Jr., Hugo, F. Andore, U. Andore, and G. Andore.

Gallery Edit


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