Bao and Mao
Cyberbots Mao and Bao
Mao (left) and Bao (right).
Full Name Bao (boy) and Mao (girl)
Birthdate July 7, 2085 (Bao)

March 3, 2088 (Mao)

Birthplace Satellite 7
Height 160 cm (Bao)

148 cm (Mao)

Weight 52 kg (Bao)

32 kg (Mao)

Blood Type A (probably) (Bao & Mao)
Likes His sister Mao, the wolf skin hunted by himself (Bao)

His brother Bao, handmade hair ornament made by her brother (Mao)

Dislikes Wear tight clothing (Bao)

People who do not know they are weak, weepers (Mao)

Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) B70 W53 H76 (Mao)
Fighting Style N/A

Bao and Mao are characters from he mecha fighting game Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness.


Bao is very protective of his little sister. He doesn't know about Earth Force's dealings and doesn't care. He just wants to get away from everything safely with his sister.

Profile Edit

Bao and Mao are siblings that have been caught by Earth Corps. They manage to escape and find a VA that's programmed for self-defense. Even though they have no piloting experience, the VA still operates fine due to the programming and sheer luck. Together, they pilot the GP-V4 VISE.

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