Bilstein, as he appears in Plasma Sword.
Full Name Edward Bilstein
Birthdate 2300
Birthplace United States of America (German ancestry)
Height 195cm (6'5")
Weight 126kg (278 lbs.)
Blood Type N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style N/A

Dr. Edward Bilstein is the main antagonist and villain of the Star Gladiator series of 3D fighting games. Bilstein is a Nobel Prize-winning German-American prestigious physicist and cybernetic mad scientist emperor who fights with a Plasma Broadsword and leads the Fourth Empire in his universal conquest, seeking to gain legendary status as being the greatest genius of the universe itself.



Once a prestigious Nobel Prize-winning German-American physicist for the Earth Federation, Bilstein had once stumbled upon a research document left behind by one of his ancestors. It described Plasma Power and how it could be derived from human emotions. Bilstein was driven by his ancestor's will because they were unable to complete a specific project from the docusments and Bilstein himself had decided to carry out their work and build the unknown Plasma weapon. However, before Bilstein could realize his ambitions, he was detected by the Earth Federation and was then arrested for violating various human rights, using actual human bodies in his experiments.

Four years later, Bilstein was able to break out of Planet Zeta's floating prison satellite through the use of his new cybernetic body. Bilstein had sought to conquer Earth and the rest of the universe with his Fourth Empire, but his plans were destroyed by Hayato Kanzaki, who had killed Bilstein during the events of the Final Crusade. Despite his apparent "death", Bilstein was able to transcend his spirit into a new cybernetic body and he gathered his forces once more, seeking to eliminate all obstacles standing in his way of universal conquest.

Bilstein's GhostEdit

After his cybernetic body was destroyed at the end of Star Gladiator by Hayato, Bilstein was able to transcend his spirit into another cybernetic host. The remains that he left behind had assumed a skeletal visage, and took on a life of its own, obsessed with killing Hayato. This form is known as Bilstein's Ghost.

Endings Edit

Star GladiatorEdit

"Oh well. The fake cannot defeat the real. What a waste of space that thing was!"

Bilstein had defeated a clone of himself. The clone didn't stand a chance.

"And now, this should be enough to destroy the rest of the wimps on Earth!"

With those words, Bilstein stretches his hand toward the Earth and clenches his fist. Is this the true Bilstein, ready to end the world? Or is this just another clone of the real Bilstein? We are not in a position to know that...

Plasma SwordEdit

In one of his two endings, after battling and defeating Hayato, Bilstein grabs him by the face.

  • BILSTEIN: Miracles don't happen twice, do they, Hayato Kanzaki? My ultimate weapon is near completion thanks to your plasma power! Work hard for me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Suddenly, Blood appears.

  • BLOOD: Hold it there, Bilstein!
  • BILSTEIN:'s you, Blood. So, you are still alive.
  • BLOOD: Yes. I've come to destroy you.
  • BILSTEIN: Heh heh heh heh...for revenge?
  • BLOOD: What's so funny?
  • BILSTEIN: You are pathetic to be obsessed by revenge. That only serves my purposes!

After defeating Blood, Bilstein stands in front of two rows of containers containing Blood, Hayato, June, Saturn, Gamof, Zelkin, Ele, Eagle, Gantetsu, and others that are out of sight.

System activated. Now sending power to the Space End...

  • BILSTEIN: ...Oh, this is wonderful! This exceeds my expectations! With this plasma power, destroying a planet will be a piece of cake!

An image of Bilstein towering over the earth is shown.

  • BILSTEIN: Earth will be the first to go! Idiots, prepare to die! I am the absolute ruler! Bilstein is eternal!


  • Bilstein (specificaly, his "Ghost" form) appeared as a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash and made a cameo appearance in Tekkaman Blade and Joe the Condor's endings in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.


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