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Capcom Fighting All Stars: Code Holder is a cancelled video game. It was Capcom's first attempt at creating an in-house 3D fighter, after the success of their Street Fighter EX series (which was produced by Arika).

Capcom beta-tested the game but after negative feedback from players and more months in development, the game was canceled in August 2003.

The life system was 3-tiered: if the player lost one tier, a break moment would occur and then the fight would resume, much like the life system in The Night Warriors. However the life system was also linked to the power bar: for each tier lost, a character gained an additional level in the Super Combo gauge (at full life, a character only has single-level super combo moves). Super arts were handled in three tiers, each super costing one, two, or three levels to use them.


Capcom Fighting All Stars Code Holder01:44

Capcom Fighting All Stars Code Holder

Returning charactersEdit

New charactersEdit

  • Ingrid - "Eternal Goddess".
  • D.D. - "God of Thunder" - not much is known about him, but his fighting style seems to revolve around punches that electrocute foes. His design and moveset seem to be Tekken-inspired, with a punch that greatly resembles the Electric Wind God Fist.
  • Rook - "Fallen Angel" - not much is known about him, but he seems to use a foot oriented fighting style, and one of his special attacks seems to be a Jump Kick with his foot enveloped in light (resembling Fei-Long's technique).
  • Death


While the game never received an official release, the idea of Capcom's own characters in a crossover game would be instead used in a 2D fighting game Capcom Fighting Evolution, released in 2004. One of the original characters slated to debut in All-Stars, Ingrid, would appear in Capcom Fighting Evolution and later on in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX for the PlayStation Portable.

Capcom later revisited the concept of 2D fighters in 3D with the more traditional Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Trivia Edit

  • Ingrid, D.D. and Rook made an cameo appearance in the Mega Man Rythm RPG Otoranger.


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