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Charlie, as he appears in Street Fighter Alpha.
Full Name Charlie Nash (in English-speaking regions)
Birthdate June 19,
Birthplace 22px-Flag of the United States svg United States of America
Height 186cm (6'1")
Weight 84kg (185 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Likes Justice, Scotch whisky, Guile
Dislikes Injustice, Shadaloo
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) 123cm (48"), 81cm (32"), 87cm (34")
Fighting Style Special Forces Military Training

Charlie Nash (チャーリー ナッシュ, Chaarii Nasshu), usually called Charlie or Nash depending on the regional version of the game, is a character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games.

Charlie was first mentioned by name in the Street Fighter II storyline (first released in 1991), where he is the deceased war buddy of Guile, one of the playable characters in the game. Charlie was canonically introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha games, which takes place between the events of the original Street Fighter and SFII. Due to Charlie's integral role as a character in Guile's backstory, many Street Fighter adaptations produced prior to the release of Street Fighter Alpha featured various depictions of Charlie.

Charlie appears as a returning playable character in the upcoming Street Fighter V, where he goes by his original name "Nash".

Biography Edit

According to supplementary materials, Charlie Nash's past saw him as a young Marines enrolled university student with a major in biology and an interest in martial arts. His career eventually saw him climb the ranks, and becoming skilled enough to win the Pan American Martial Arts Tournament.

Soon to be a member of a "secret elite military team", Charlie co-piloted a special mission into Thailand along with his long-time friend, Guile. Their mission backfired and they were both captured. After their escape, Charlie was convinced that the enemy had inside information from someone within the U.S. military, and is determined to get to the bottom of it, seeking whoever had been behind the incident in Thailand.

As suggested by the fighter planes seen in the background of his stages, Charlie may not be a member of the US Air Force, but rather the United States Marine Corps Aviation, as that branch uses the AV-8B Harrier II and the F/A-18C Hornet, which are seen in Charlie's stages throughout the Alpha series.


Charlie is known as Nash in Japanese iterations. This is due to the Japanese-English translation error in Street Fighter II and its upgrades where, in Guile's ending, Guile accuses M. Bison of killing his friend Charlie in Cambodia. In the Japanese version of the game, however, there is no mentioning of Guile's friend's name nor Cambodia.

In Street Fighter V, Charlie goes by his original name "Nash" in all regions, including the English-speaking territories. It is currently unknown if this is simply a decision to give him a single name in every region or if this change is reflective of something in-universe as well.


Charlie wears green cargo pants with boots of the same color and a light yellow flak jacket. He has glasses, which he takes off before a fight, and an exaggerated hairstyle consisting of a large forelock of blond hair. The glasses are not necessary for him to see, and appear to be purely cosmetic.

Charlie retains a similar outfit for his return in Street Fighter V; however, his body appears to have been patched back together, as it is covered in grotesque staples, and patches of his skin are discolored, implying he has had numerous skin grafts since his mission in Street Fighter Alpha 3. His right forearm and hand, right shoulder, and the front-right portion of his skull including his eye, are crudely replaced and stapled up with transplanted dark-skinned body parts. Another curious feature includes the green gem embedded in his forehead. His flak jacket and cargo pants are brown while his combat boots are light green.


Charlie is a calm and confident fighter - sometimes to a fault - with a strong sense of justice. Charlie has a crime-fighting attitude akin to his friend Guile, though more out of righteousness rather than revenge; even so, he sometimes acts reckless. While normally he acts in a professional manner, he does not let his emotions get the better of him at times.

In Street Fighter V, instead of the calm, cool, and sarcastic paragon of justice seen in the Alpha games, Charlie's personality have taken a drastic turn for currently unknown reasons. Charlie is now driven and consumed by an obsessive need to kill M. Bison and is ruthless to friends and allies alike, even threatening the life of Chun-Li. He is also far less forgiving, judging Cammy as being just as guilty as M. Bison due to formerly being his "slave", whereas during their encounter in Alpha 3, he considered her an innocent victim of Shadaloo's cruelty.


M. BisonEdit

Charlie has a strong hatred of Shadaloo and M. Bison, and wishes to end the evil organization and its ruler once and for all. In Street Fighter V, several of Charlie's winquotes state that his sole purpose is now exacting revenge upon Bison.


Charlie is Guile's superior officer and close friend. Charlie is also the one who taught Guile his current fighting style. He also greatly values Guile; in order to save him and Chun-Li, he sacrificed his own life in a vain effort to end Bison.


Charlie also has a close friendship with Chun-Li, as he risked his life to save hers.

Story Edit

Early Life Edit

Charlie's fierce sense of justice was ever present even at a young age. Sometime before the series, Charlie eventually discovered several of his fellow officers were pushing drugs during their service, and his investigations lead him to discover their connections with Shadaloo. Much to his dismay however, Nash also had found that the infrastructural corruption and grasp the criminal organization reached even to his superiors, who dismissed the suspects' possession of narcotics and pushed their power to illegal limits. Not going down without a fight, Charlie pushed his pursuit further as a lone wolf to bring them to justice.

As his investigation into the conspiracy continued, he eventually gained Chun-Li's acquaintance as a connection to the ICPO and a valuable ally.

Street Fighter Alpha and Alpha 2Edit

Charlie is given a mission to track down M. Bison and uncover Shadaloo soldiers in the American military army. In his SFA ending, he defeats Bison. As he calls for backup, Bison attacks him from behind and apparently kills him. In SFA2, Charlie encounters Rolento, who wants to know what Charlie's intentions are. When Charlie mentions about Shadaloo, Rolento decides to stop him. Charlie's ending sees him eventually tracking Bison down to Brazil and confronting him near a waterfall.

After the battle, Charlie interrogates Bison. Before he can get a response, he is shot from the back by his intended backup helicopter and falls from the waterfall. Bison does not see Nash as a threat and does not bother to confirm whether he died. These endings, however, can hardly be considered canon since Charlie reappears very much alive later, in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Charlie's fate has two outcomes. The central plot is that Charlie supposedly goes AWOL; however, he is really undercover to investigate Shadaloo and its connection to the military. The latter ending is what actually happened according to the plot of the series; the first is an alternate "what if" ending.

  • In his main ending, found by completing the campaign mode as Charlie, he tracks down Bison, survives battle and manages to destroy Shadaloo's secret base. This ending isn't canonical because Charlie is dead by the hands of Bison as of Street Fighter II, which takes place after Alpha 3.
  • In the updated console ports of Alpha 3, Guile is added to the playable roster as well. In Guile's storyline, he is ordered by his superiors to track Charlie. After realizing Charlie's intentions, Guile teams up with Charlie in order to destroy Bison's Psycho Drive, while Bison was regenerated after Ryu destroyed his body in the process. Guile escapes, while Charlie stays behind to hold off Bison and sacrifice his own life in order to destroy M. Bison permanently, though it proved unsuccessful.

Charlie's death encourages Guile to avenge him in Street Fighter II. In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, a scene is shown of Guile visiting Charlie's grave.

Street Fighter IVEdit

Charlie was rumored to be playable in Street Fighter IV; one of All Games Network's articles hinted at one of the new characters being a Sonic Boom user, but this character turned out to be Seth.[1] Charlie is however seen as a memory in Guile's SFIV and SSFIV prologue. His outfit (minus the forelock) is also Guile's alternate costume in Street Fighter IV.

Story-wise, before the rival fight between Guile and Abel, it is presumed that Abel may know information about Charlie after Guile demonstrated a Sonic Boom. Guile wanted answers, but none were given. It was hinted at, but never confirmed, that Abel's adopted father, a retired soldier, may have been Charlie himself. At the time, it was more likely, however, that Abel saw Seth performing a Sonic Boom rather than Charlie, since Charlie was considered long dead at this point in the Street Fighter storyline, while Seth shares an origin with Abel, and also utilizes Sonic Boom technique as his projectile attack.

An official Capcom character relations chart, however, confirms that Charlie was the one who rescued Abel from Shadaloo[2], providing hard evidence of his survival. Abel's biography page in the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia (hardcover version) backs up this evidence as well. Charlie's only other known activity during this time is entrusting Abel to the care of several mercenary friends.

Street Fighter VEdit

In the gameplay trailer presented at the end of the 2014 Capcom Cup, Charlie was hinted at through a quick sequence, appearing at the trailer's end. A small portion of his original theme from Street Fighter Alpha plays briefly when he appears. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono also dressed up as Charlie to further promote his appearance in the game.

On February 24th, 2015, an official trailer featuring Charlie (refered as Nash in all regional versions) was released on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel where he was seen fighting both Chun-Li and Ryu.[1] Charlie, who is no longer with the Air Force, is somehow revived from the dead and is bent on killing M. Bison.[3] At some point in the story, Charlie walks away from some burning buildings, at another point, he looks at a picture of Guile and lastly he is with an unknown blonde haired woman.

While details are scarce at the moment, various win and lose quotes note his altered personality. He appears entirely bent on killing M. Bison out of vengeance (as he openly states that he came back to life solely to kill M. Bison, "nothing more, nothing less."), whereas in the Alpha series, he was motivated by his desire for justice. Charlie even intends to kill Cammy and make her "repent" for previously being one of Bison's servants (despite her having been manipulated unwillingly).

Gameplay Edit

Fighting style Edit

Charlie was introduced as the one who originally taught Guile his current fighting style. Because of this, Charlie is a "clone" who uses the same fighting style, complete with most of the same normal and special attacks, but with some few differences. The main difference is that Charlie's fighting style is 'perfected', while Guile's is less proficient because of his short temper and lack of focus. This is shown in his ability to throw a Sonic Boom with one hand (and sometimes even his feet), as well as his two-hit Flash Kick that uses both legs.

Moveset Edit

Charlie's Bazooka Knee is one of the only few dash attacks in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Charlie's Super Attacks include Somersault Justice, a series of Somersault Shells; Sonic Break, where Charlie throws numerous Sonic Booms; and Crossfire Blitz, a series of powerful kicks.

In Street Fighter V, his moveset has undergone a drastic change (while still retaining some of the original moves); he now utilizes the Moonsault Slash, an overhead attack from the air from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. His Flash Kick, now called Sonic Scythe, has been altered as it is performed differently and with one leg. Charlie also appears to exhibit powers similar to M. Bison, with the ability to teleport; his wind-like ki also emanates a dark, Psycho Power-esque hue during a few of his attacks. As of Street Fighter V, Charlie is no longer a charge character.

In general, Charlie possess a drastically retooled and more violent fighting style; this includes a new tackle maneuver, Tragedy Assault, in which Charlie violently shoves his opponent's head to the ground and infuses Ki energy into them, and the Judgement Sabre in which Charlie forces a vertical Sonic Hurricane into the opponent's head.

Super CombosEdit

Charlie's first Super Combo in the Alpha series (and his X-Ism Super) is Double Flash/Somersault Justice, in which Charlie unleashes a series of back-to-back Flash Kicks; in A-Ism levels 1 and 2 feature two Flash Kicks, while level 3 adds a third.

Charlie's second Super Combo is the Sonic Break. Charlie throws a number of Sonic Boom attacks in various ways and numbers depending on the level of Super used. At level 3, Charlie throws a Sonic Boom normally, then via an uppercut, then with a Spinning Back Knuckle and finally kicks a Sonic Boom to demonstrate his mastery of the attack.

Charlie's third Super Combo is the Crossfire Blitz. At level 3, Charlie strings together a series of grounded hard kicks leading into a series of jumping roundhouses and ending with several ki-infused punches, finishing with an uppercut.

In Street Fighter V, Charlie's Critical Art is the Judgement Saber. When executed, Charlie dashes through his opponent (the attack is a strike but the dash does not deal a hit if unblocked) who becomes enveloped by black mist. Rising up behind them, the mist dissipates and Charlie slams a vertical Sonic Hurricane into the opponent's head, dealing ten hits.

Other appearancesEdit

Crossover gamesEdit

Charlie was one of the playable characters in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. In his ending, he is captured by M. Bison, who performs terrible experiments on him. Charlie's fate would be left up in the air until Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, where a secret character by the name of Shadow appeared.

Shadow is a palette swap of Charlie, with nearly his entire body blacked out, and a white eye shining behind his glasses. He has all of Charlie's moves, but his attacks set his opponent alight with blue Psycho Power flames. His Hyper Combos also have a brief pause where his eye gleams before the move was pulled off (this made him somewhat unpopular, as the gleam could give an opponent enough time to block or avoid the attack).

Shadow would later appear in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as a secret helper character. However, by Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, Shadow seems to have reverted back to his original form, but exactly how is unknown. In addition, the ending for Chun-Li also hinted that Bison intended to alter her in the same way, and another hidden character, called Shadow Lady, was a Shadow-altered Chun-Li. Shadow Lady's ending in the game also showed a similar fate befalling fellow Capcom character Jin Saotome.

Outside of fighting games, Charlie is one of the playable characters (and one of the two Street Fighter characters, the other one being Cammy) in the multi-directional shooter game Cannon Spike.

Tekken character Steve Fox uses Charlie's outfit as his Swap Costume in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Udon comicsEdit

His story in UDON's Street Fighter comics mixes in a few elements from Marvel vs. Capcom.

Charlie was captured by M. Bison and brainwashed into becoming "Agent Shadow", a mindless soldier of Shadaloo. Though he is initially sent by Shadaloo to attack Guile and Chun-Li, Guile throws Charlie his dogtags, making Charlie remember his name and flee in confusion. Eventually Charlie recovers his memory and tears off the Shadaloo emblem on his uniform. After reuniting with Guile and Chun-Li, he tells them about the atrocities that Shadaloo is committing and the the fate of Chun-Li's father. Noticing M. Bison's approach, Charlie pushes Guile and Chun-Li out of the way and is riddled with bullets, supposedly dying in the process.

However, Charlie miraculously survived and shot a Sonic Boom at M. Bison moments before he was about to kill his allies. It is revealed that M. Bison attempted to transfer his Psycho Power into Charlie while brainwashing him. While the dictator initially believed it was a failure, the experiment was in fact successful, and manifested in a purple energy that seeped from Charlie's body. Charlie attempted to fight back with Psycho Power-enhanced Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks, but the dictator still proved to be too powerful. Seeing no other options, Charlie sacrifices himself to send himself and Bison plunging into the sea.

Charlie is never seen again, except in Abel's flashback. Here, Charlie is the one who rescues Abel from a burning Shadaloo facility. Some time later, when Abel wakes up from a coma suffering from amnesia, he finds himself adopted by one of Charlie's army buddies. Since Seth and the other numbers were completed after Abel escaped, and Seth somehow learned the one-handed Sonic Boom by the time he collected all the abilities he wanted, it is highly possible that Charlie was captured by Shadaloo or S.I.N. This might be canon, since Guile, according to his win quote against Abel in SSFIV, notices that his friend was the one to rescue Abel.

Two bonus comics focus on Charlie. One of them shows Charlie rescuing Guile who was held hostage by enemy forces; the other shows him sparring with Guile in a military base.

Charlie is the subject of an special UDON comic, Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash, a compilation of past stories which cover both his background, including his previous military work and encounters with Guile, and every instance of him "dying" up to and including Street Fighter Alpha 3. The comic also cover the details behind his "revival" (showing that it was performed by the Illuminati) leading up to his appearance in Street Fighter V, as well as Charlie's Shadow persona.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Mega Man Remix and the Megamix mangas by Ariga Hitoshi, Charlie briefly appears as a news caster in several chapters. Instead of going by his Japanese name of Nash, he is simply called Charlie.
  • In the second promotional Street Fighter V trailer, which focused on the return of Charlie as a playable character, the theme Nothing Can Keep Me Away from the album Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 10 is playing as the musical background.[5]

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