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Code Name: Viper, Ningen Heiki: Dead Fox (人間兵器デッドフォックス, "Human Weapon: Dead Fox") in Japan, is a game made for the NES in 1989, which didn't come out in Japan until a year later.

Code Name Viper - NES Gameplay04:45

Code Name Viper - NES Gameplay

Gameplay in action

Characters Edit

  • Commander Jones - was the leader of Ken Smith's Special Missions. People who played the game for the first time are supposed to assume that Jones was just Smith's commanding officer sending him to take down a drug ring that tried to conquer the world.

Story Edit

Ken Smith is a special agent. Commander Jones sends him to South America to take down a drug cartel and rescue kidnapped hostages.

At the end of the game, Smith finds out that Commander Jones was behind the whole thing, and engages him in a fight to the death and as a result, Jones lost his life. While the underground drug routes where Jones was involved were destroyed by Smith, the syndicate he ran was not defeated.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay has been noted for being similar to Namco's Rolling Thunder. There are two floor levels to switch between, doors that the player must go into to get weapons and items, but there are some differences.

There are also people to be rescued. One of these hostages is a soldier who the player must rescue on every single level (except the last) in order to advance to the next level. The player may also expand the character's life meter, and there are some more obstacles in the game like springs.

Trivia Edit

  • The game contains no end credits sequence, but the music was done by well-known Capcom composer Yoko Shimomura.
  • Junko Tamiya also composed the background music for one of the levels.

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