Final Fight Damnd
Kyle, as he appears in Final Fight.
Full Name Damnd
Birthdate September 10[1]
Birthplace United States of America[1], Caribbean[2]
Height 218 cm[1]
Weight 201 kg[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Likes Strawberry sundae, money[1]
Dislikes Hardship[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Street Fighting, Brawling

Damnd (ダムド Damudo?), also known as "Thrasher" is a character in the Final Fight series, and the first boss the player faces in the original Final Fight.



Damnd is a large Afro-Caribbean man with white dreadlocks, each ending in a number of blue beads. He wears a waistcoat, blue sunglasses, turned-down boots and various jewelry. He is always seen with a large grin on his face.


Final FightEdit

Damnd was a top lieutenant in Belger's Mad Gear Gang, and was in control of the gang's information network, including having intel from the local police and the FBI.[1] When Mayor Haggar refused to accept kickbacks and let the gang do as it pleased, Damnd kidnapped the mayor's daughter Jessica and phoned him, telling him to turn on the TV. When Haggar did so, he saw that Damnd was on air, laughing maniacally as he broadcasted images of the kidnapped Jessica and telling Haggar to be reasonable. Haggar refused their ultimatum and he went with Cody and Guy to the slums of Metro City to rescue her. Soon Cody found Damnd with Jessica in the Slum Area. Damnd retreated while his cronies held Cody and Guy at bay, and though Cody soon caught up to him, Damnd had by then successfully passed Jessica on to accomplices, and she was nowhere to be found. Despite initially getting the jump on Cody, the street fighter beat him senseless to get information on Jessica's whereabouts.

Trivia Edit

  • Damnd was renamed Thrasher in the Western versions of Final Fight due to the censorship of his original name.
  • In a Korean video game magazine, Damnd kidnapping Jessica was parodied in a picture where Damnd kidnaps the singer Jessica of the group Girl's Generation, to which Belger angrily yells, "You idiot! That's the wrong Jessica!".

Gallery Edit



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