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16 decapreartsceens01
'Decapre as she appears in Ultra Street Fighter IV
Full Name {{{fullname}}}
Birthdate December 18 [1]
Birthplace Russia Russia[1]
Height 164cm[1]
Weight 46kg[1]
Blood Type B[1]
Likes Dogs[1]
Dislikes Cammy, unclear instructions[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Shadaloo surgical fighting, daggers[1]

Decapre (ディカープリ, Dikāpuri) is a character in the Street Fighter series. Originally appearing along with the rest of the Dolls during the introduction of Juli and Juni's boss battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3, she hasappeared numerous times in the UDON Street Fighter comics. She makes her playable debut in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Originally from Russia, her appearance resembles Cammy, albeit with the Shadaloo Doll outfit and a blue mask. Her hair is platinum blonde, and is styled in the same long pigtails as Cammy. Her face is burned on the left side, hence the mask. Decapre wears a pair of retractable daggers, originally simply claws, that she uses as weapons.


Super Street Fighter IV OVA Edit

Decapre, along with the other Dolls, is attacked by Juri in a secret Shadaloo mountain base and is easily defeated. She is placed in a stasis pod and loaded onto a plane alongside the other Dolls by Juri who takes them to Seth at an unknown location for him to perform experiments on. These stasis pods can be seen later in Super Street Fighter IV and later iterations in Seth's Crumbling Laboratory stage, although the identities of the occupants are not clearly visible.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

While in her stasis pod, Decapre has flashbacks of being taken away by Shadoloo. She also has flashbacks about Cammy as well. In her extreme anger because of her hatred, she uses her daggers to smash open the stasis pod and goes to kill Cammy.

After defeating one of Bison's cyborgs, Decapre prepares to finish the cyborg off when Cammy stops her. Decapre once again goes beserk and attacks Cammy. Cammy then tells Decapre that Shadaloo could not control Decapre, but Decapre, thinking that Cammy is lying, yells that she hates her before collapsing. Then, she removes her mask, much to Cammy's surprise. M. Bison then appears and tells Cammy that Decapre is going to die, but some bargain could perhaps be made. Decapre decides to hold out her hand to Cammy and tells Cammy that it's alright, similar to what Cammy said to Decapre before she was taken to her stasis pod. M. Bison then takes Decapre away. Back in her stasis pod, Decapre then says in her thoughts, "It's alright. Your big sister is here."

Other appearances Edit

UDON comics Edit

To be added...

Fighting style and Gameplay Edit

Decapre's fighting style revolves around her great speed and unpredictable cross-ups, along with the use of her Psycho Power-infused daggers. Similar to fellow doll Juni, many of her moves require charge motions, making her the first new charge character Capcom has created since Q and Remy in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is derived from the Russian word for December, Dekabr' (декабрь).
  • Decapre is the first playable female character to hail from Russia in the Street Fighter series.
  • Decapre appears to not be brainwashed like the other dolls but very confused; in her story in Ultra Street Fighter IV it appears that Shadaloo gave her bad memories of Cammy and the rest of the world, and so she sets out to kill her, but when Cammy defeats her she does not want her to die, so she agrees to go with Bison to be brainwashed back into being one of his dolls.
  • In the background of her USFIV art, Juni and Juli and some other unclear Dolls can be seen in capsules.
  • Interestingly, Decapre is voiced by the same actress who voices Cammy in both English and Japanese, probably due to their similarities.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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