DenTech City, known as Densan City (デンサンシティ?) in Japan, Den City for short, is a location from the MegaMan Battle Network series. Towns like Dentown and Lan Hikari's home town of ACDC Town are located within its boundaries.


DenTech City

As seen in MegaMan Battle Network 4

  • ACDC Town - The design of the town stayed the same for first three games, MegaMan Network Transmission and MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge, and changed for MegaMan Battle Network 4-6. Lan lives here, as well as Maylu, Dex and Yai. It is also the location of Higsby's chip shop.
  • Beach Street
  • Castillo
  • DenDome
  • Dentown
  • Elec Town
  • Government Complex
  • Marine Harbor
  • Okuden Valley
  • Yoka

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