Dr. Cossack

Dr. Cossack is a character from the classic Mega Man series. He first appeared in Mega Man 4.

Story Edit

Dr. Mikhail Cossack was one of the few scientists in the world capable of creating advanced, humanoid, artificially intelligent robots. Dr. Wily recognized his ability, and decided to use him in a scheme for his next world domination plan by kidnapping Dr. Cossack's daughter Kalinka. This forced Cossack to use his own robots to inadvertently carry out Wily's world domination scheme, but made it seem as if he was the villain. Mega Man fell for this facade right up until his battle with Dr. Cossack. However, Proto Man rescued Kalinka and returned her to Dr. Cossack, and the true circumstances became known. Afterward, as a token of thanks, Dr. Cossack constructed Beat for Mega Man.

He was the proud recipient of the Brzezinski Science Award and the Scientific Achievement Award, as well as numerous others.

Dr. Cossack NumbersEdit

(from Mega Man Megamix Vol. 2)

The term "Dr. Cossack Numbers" refers to the eight robots (seven Industrial robots and one combat robot) created by Dr. Cossack. When Kalinka was kidnapped, the seven robots who were on industrial assignments at the time were ordered to fight Mega Man. The other robot, Skull Man, was a combat robot that Cossack constructed specifically for the purpose of fighting Mega Man. The fact that Skull Man's appearance uses skulls as a main motif stems from Dr. Cossack's belief that conflict equals death.

When Dr. Cossack's robots were used by Dr. Wily in his fourth attempt at world domination, the Global Robotics Union (which later became the World Robot Alliance) registered them as DWN (Dr. Wily Numbers) robots. Considering the fact that they fought on Dr. Wily's side during that incident, this is their official designation in a way, but here they are listed as DCNs (Dr. Cossack Numbers) to show that they are in fact Cossack's creations.

Cossack CatcherEdit


Cossack Catcher is the machine that Dr. Cossack uses in the fourth Cossack stage. Its design is based on the UFO prize catchers commonly found in arcades. Its weakness is the Dust Crusher (obtained from beating Dust Man). Players can also use the wire adapter to do some damage to this machine.

To avoid the risk of getting caught by the claw while standing directly under the machine, players can stand against the step in the boss room and begin firing the wire just before the claw is directly over them. There is also the chance, if the machine is low enough, of hitting it twice with one shot of the wire -- once on the way up, and again on the way back down.

Other AppearancesEdit

Cossack and his daughter also appeared as playable characters in the Japan-only Wily and Light's RockBoard.

Gallery Edit

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