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Dylan by Shinkiro

Dylan Morton is a character from the Dino Crisis games. He appears in Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Stalker.

Profile Edit

Dylan is an American soldier and a 1st. Lieutenant in the Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team (T.R.A.T.). Disciplined and tenacious, he possesses spirit enough to withstand any adversity. He has a deep sense of duty and is relied upon by his companions to remain strong in a tight situation.

Utilizing his immense physical strength, he has specialized in heavy artillery, but this tends to make him a bit slow as a playable character.

It is revealed in Dino Crisis 2 by Colonel Dylan Morton, a future version of himself, that Paula is his as yet unborn daughter from the future.

Weapons Edit

Dylan starts Dino Crisis 2 with a SPAS-12 shotgun and a machete, which injures/kills enemies as well as cuts vines from doors that Regina cannot open. Other weapons must be purchased with extinction points garned from killing dinosaurs. They are as follows:

  • Solid Cannon - Destroys cells by way of vibration. Effective for a few seconds even after initial fire.
  • Antitank Rifle - Penetrates through almost anything. Powerful, but it has very slow reload speed.
  • Rocket Launcher - M72 Dragon, The most destructive weapon. However, the recoil is so massive that rapid fire is not possible.
  • Flame Launcher - (can also be used by Regina) - Launches wide-range blazes.
  • Chainmine - (can also be used by Regina) - Fires five mines into the ground, turning the enemy over on its back.
  • Firewall - (can also be used by Regina) - It creates a wall of fire, enabling Dylan to avert frontal attacks.

Gallery Edit



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