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El Gado's portrait in Final Fight Revenge.

El Gado is a character from the Final Fight series of beat em' up games. He is one of the series' enemies and one of the strongest standard thugs in the Mad Gear Gang, along with the Andore family members and Poison. He appeared in every port, version and localization of the original Final Fight. His first and only playable appearance was in the game Final Fight Revenge.

Profile Edit

El Gado works directly for Rolento, along with Holly Wood (his pallet-swap), Axl and Slash. They are the primary foot soldiers in Rolento's "army", all trained by Rolento himself. Both El Gado and Holly Wood are knife-wielding enemies who wear military outfits, known for their agile movement which they forged by dancing, and have a special technique known as the "Jumping Knife Attack". These two also appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as part of Rolento's special techniques and win poses.

El Gado has a prominent role as a playable character in Final Fight Revenge, in which it is revealed that he infiltrated Mad Gear to get revenge on Rolento, who was responsible for the deaths of his family. In the end, Rolento bargains with him (apparently successfully, given that he's still alive later on in the Street Fighter series) and calls him "E.G." at this point, which may be his nickname. He's typically stronger than Holly Wood and sports a beard, wearing a dark green outfit and a skullcap, although in Final Fight, he is shown wearing a greenish-yellow outfit, a moustache and a hairband instead of a skullcap. He is of Arabic origin, and his fighting style is Souo-katsuken (Double Scorpion Tail technique).

In the original Final Fight, his attacks (along with Hollywood's) consisted in gut punches, a slide attack, a knife stab, a knife throw from a distance and the aforementioned jumping knife attack. He, along with Hollywood, are the only characters that drop weapons that the main characters can use.

In the NES game Mighty Final Fight, a chibi version of himself appears in the game under the name Tequila.


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