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Erik Suzuki is a former Capcom USA employee involved with translation and international communications. He is seen on camera in the Street Fighter II: Mastering Great Combinations and Strategies VHS tape.

Some time in the late '90s, Suzuki left Capcom and founded Genazea, a game development company whose services include localization, motion capture and voice recording, working with Susan Hart, Chris Tang and others. He would contribute to a few more Capcom titles, alternating with Hart as either the voice director or voice producer of Canadian voice talent in the Toronto area in addition to localization supervision.

Production HistoryEdit


  • He married voice actress Alyson Court with whom he had a son.
    • The Mavericks in Mega Man X5 were named by Court in honor of her husband, who was a Guns N' Roses fan.
  • The character Yoko Suzuki is believed to be named after him.

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