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Marvel vs Capcom 3 combo video (ver. 1.03) showcasing what Chris is capable of, be that old, new, practical or impractical.


My last character combo video for MvC3.


01) Doctor Doom: It's easy getting in two level 3 hypers in one combo with X-Factor cancel so I tried to find a way to do it without X-Factor.

02) Storm: Showing a straight forward combo that does a lot of damage for only two hyper meters. The final hit at the end is character specific but it works on about half of the cast. You can even add in a snap back after the final hit if the opponent isn't KOed.

03) X-23: Death from afar.

04) Thor: A straight forward combo that defeats Thor (character with most health in game). The OTG cancel at the end works if you press the team attack button.

05) Thor: A more stylish way on defeating Thor. Not many characters have more than one way to defeat Thor without X-Factor.

06) Hsien-Ko: Not sure what to say about this combo other than it being filled with flashy ideas.

07) Thor: Aims for the most hits I can think of within his health amount.


01) Doctor Doom: qcb H xx qcb PP-P (trade hits), jp qcf M (1 hit), dM-H-fH-S, jp L-L-M-M-H-S, jp qcf H, qcb H xx qcb PP-P-P-P, fM

02) Storm: jp H-S, dM-H-fH xx qcb L-L-M-H (1 hit) xx qcf PP, dp L, qcf H, qcb H xx dp PP, dM

03) X-23: qcf H, jp qcf H, qcf H xx qcb PP (hold H)-P-P-P

04) Thor: jp H-S, dM-H-fH xx qcb L-L-M-H (1 hit) xx qcf PP, qcb H xx qcb PP-P-P-P, dH xx team attack

05) Thor: jp H-S, dM-H-fH xx qcb M-H, dM-H-fH-S, jp M-M-H-S, jp back qcf H, qcf H, dp L xx qcf PP, qcf H, dp M xx qcf PP, qcf H xx qcb PP-P-P-P

06) Hsien-Ko: fH xx hcb P (1 hit) xx qcf PP 1 hit (trade hits), jp qcf L, fH xx qcb P (1 hit) xx qcf PP 1 hit, XFC, dp H, bH (hold H), qcf H, dp L

07) Thor: jp qcf L (counter hit), jp qcf L, jp qcf L, bH (hold H) xx qcf PP, dp L, bH (hold H) xx dp PP, XFC, dp M, qcb H xx qcb PP-P-P-P

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