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Fiona Belli is the eighteen-year old protagonist of the survival horror game, Haunting Ground. She carries the Azoth, and is imprisoned in a mysterious castle because of it.

Story Edit

Fiona had only recently moved away from her parents to attend college and was visiting with them when a car accident occurred. Her mother Ayla was killed instantly in the wreck, and while her father Ugo survived the initial crash, he was almost immediately murdered by a man with a knife before he could even get out of the driver's seat.

When Fiona awoke, she found herself imprisoned in Castle Belli, with no recollection of how she had gotten there. Her constant companion in Castle Belli is a dog named Hewie.

Profile Edit

Although Fiona is not very athletic, she makes this up with her quick mind. She rarely shows emotions and appears more mature than her actual age suggests.

Appearance Edit

Fiona is a fair-skinned woman.  She has an extremely curvaceous body and a large bust.  Fiona's normal appearance throughout most of the game has her dressed in the clothes the maid Daniella prepared for her, however there are five additional costumes that can be unlocked by beating the game. Some of these give her special abilities.

  • Normal Outfit 2 - Fiona is now barefoot and her hair is down.
  • Under The Scalpel - Garb commonly worn by patients undergoing surgery. Again, Fiona is barefoot and her hair is down.
  • Texas Cowgirl - Acquired by earning Ending A.  Fiona wears a thin bikini top and a thong.  Fiona's kick is replaced by a six-shooter, which makes this arguably the best costume for combat. However, it is also possible for her to accidentally shoot Hewie.
  • Illegal In Some States - Acquired by earning any of the four different endings. Fiona's kick is replaced with a whip.
  • Fiona The Frog - Acquired by earning Ending C. With this costume, Fiona can backstep with no loss of stamina.

Other Appearances Edit

Fiona, as well as Hewie and Debilitas, are featured in Joe the Condor's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

Fiona appears as a character card in SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS.


For more of this character, see their gallery.

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