Forgotten Worlds, known as Lost Worlds (ロストワールド Rosuto Wārudo) in Japan, is an arcade shooter game released in 1988 featuring two blue and red flying marines battling aliens accompanied by a floating satellite. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the evil goddess Bios of Dust Planet. Enemies drop money called Zenny, which players can use to upgrade their weapons and satellites in the store.

This is the third and final game in Capcom's "jet-pack" shooter series, following Section Z and Side Arms Hyper Dyne. The game was also included on the Capcom Classics Collection for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2005.

Gameplay Edit

The game is similar to most shooters, except the marines can rotate in a 360 degree angle allowing players to fire on all sides. The arcade original featured both a joystick and an analog dial wheel. The wheel allow the guns and satellites to be positioned to any degrees quickly. For the ports that use a regular gamepad, a button is held to rotate the marines.

Characters Edit

Forgotten Worlds art

Promotional artwork.

  • Sylphie (シルフィー) - the girl who sells the player different weapons, armor, items and information for a cost of zenny in her shops scattered throughout the Forgotten Worlds. She is called Mirabella in the U.S. Genesis version.
  • Bios - an evil emperor who has already destroyed most of the planet.
  • Spydrobot - a spider creature that travels in groups. They creep along the ground and spit fire balls.
  • Paramecium - a horrible beast which tries to incinerate the player with its fiery breath.
  • Dust Dragon (ダストドラゴン) - a boss that will attack with sharp blades that emerge from its stomach. Its heart is its weak spot.
  • Sphinx - a monster with a detachable head that, upon its destruction, transforms into a centipede-like creature.
  • Ymesketit - a possessed flying ship in Egypt that attacks players with an arsenal of weapons.


(From the manual):

"Many years have passed since mankind dominated the Earth. Invaders from another galaxy have nearly destroyed our planet in their attempt to add it to their evil Empire. Led by Lord Bios, the alien horde has crushed all opposition. YOU are the last hope. You must face their assault in personal, deadly combat. Equipped with an anti-gravity device and armed with photon gun, you will seek and destroy the minions of the Empire.

In your attempt to overthrow the dark Lord, you will fight the strangest and strongest creatures from around the universe. Do battle with the lizardmen, the shapeless ones, and the fierce bronze dragon. But you're not completely alone in your quest for freedom. You can upgrade your weapons system at several locations scattered throughout the lands.".

Stages and bossesEdit

1 Dust World Paramecium
2Dust Dragon
3War God
4 Pyramid World Mesketit
7 Sky World Iceman
(Not to be confused with the Mega Man character)
8Whodin and Laidin
(Fūjin and Raijin)
9The evil god Bios

Trivia Edit

  • The two giants in the later levels are references to the two twins guardian characters from the anime series Fist of the North Star. They both use invisible cutting wires to kill people.
  • The War God appears as a statue in Guy's ending from Capcom Fighting Evolution and in the back of Zeku's clothes in Street Fighter V. This is because the War God's name in Japanese is "Bushin" (武神)[1] , the same name of Guy and Zeku's fighting style.
  • The Final Fight enemy Two P is designed after the 2P/red Unknown Soldier, with his name being a reference to him ("Two Player" or Player 2). His character bio on the Street Fighter V character encyclopedia website provides further references to him and Forgotten Worlds, implying the two are one and the same, with Two P suffering from amnesia and having no memories of his identity.


Arcade VersionEdit

Game Designer: Akiman, Nin Nin, Poo, Mr. Kihaji
Soft Programmer: Youichi, Noriko, Takɐno, Nouchi
Object Designer: Kurichan, Takata, Shinsyudon, Sintan, Emetaro
Scroll Designer: Mikichan, Hanachan, Kuramoyan, Fukumoyan, Nonochan, Black Man
Sound: Tamasan, Yukichan no Papa
Hard Ware: Kuchino
Mechatronics: Kamimori
Special Thanks: Hustler Bam, Rattchan, Kakkun, Poochan, CBX.Yukio, Ota, Ito
June 1988

Additionally, Forgotten Worlds, like many other games during this era of gaming, credited its staff in its default Score Ranking Table, which is as follows:

  • 1st 10000 NIN
  • 2nd 9000 EGW
  • 3rd 8000 KOJ
  • 4th 7000 TAK
  • 5th 6000 MIK

Genesis/Mega Drive VersionEdit

Planner: Mino, Mu.Kondo
Soft Programmer: Taku.Ayu, K.Koba
Designer: Stresteles, Hide, D.Minow
Sound: Ippo
Game Check: Works Nishi, Gottochan
Special Thanks to: Capcom

Master System Version

Planners: Tommy, Yukino
Programmers: Kimrom, Yone
Designer: Tommy, Yukino
Sound: Ippo
Special Thanks to: Capcom
Presented by: Sega

TurboGrafx-16 VersionEdit

Director: N.Okada
Programmer: M.Wada
Producer: Taka.Ozama
Executive Producer: S.Ishihara
Graphics Convert: K.Tsubokura, K.Nakada, A Wave (T.Hirabayasi, F.Koakutsu)
Graphic: K.Eto
Sound: K.Hayashi
Cast: H.Tanaka, M.Ikemizu, E.Hara, Y.Yamamoto
Supervisor: M.Iriguchi, T.Tabeta
Manual Editor: M.Morita, S.Ueno
Special Thanks: T.Miyokawa, S.Kuroda, Y.Masuko, Y.Myoga, F.Suzuki, Capcom

Gallery Edit

Box Art and Media Edit


  1. Forgotten Worlds manual for PC-Engine (Japanese), page 6

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