A G-Creature, or simply G, is the product of a G-virus mutant in the Resident Evil series.

The only known examples of a G-Creature are William Birkin and Curtis Miller, who were both genetically incompatible hosts implanted with G-Embryos. The embryo was rejected within minutes, ripping its way out of the host's chest, killing the host in the process. Unlike their 'father', a G-Creature can mutate at an extremely fast rate, vastly increasing in size and power within seconds.

Only three people are known to have given birth to one of these creatures. These are corrupt RPD Chief of Police Brian Irons, Ben Bertolucci and the rogue Umbrella scientist, Monica Stevens.


G-Larvae are the offspring of an adult G-Creature, usually ejected forcibly from its mouth. A single G-Larva, within close proximity to a human or animal host, will latch itself on to its intended victim in an attempt to impregnate itself within the victim's chest cavity. One of these horseshoe crab sized creatures can be killed easily enough, but a group of them is another matter.



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