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Gaist Crusher (ガイストクラッシャー Gaisuto Kurasshā) is an action video game developed by Treasure (makers of famed games such as Gunstar Heroes) and published by Capcom. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS on December 5, 2013 in Japan. It is the first installment in the Gaist Crusher series.
Gaist Crusher God ガイストクラッシャーゴッド 3DS Demo Gameplay

Gaist Crusher God ガイストクラッシャーゴッド 3DS Demo Gameplay

Manga authors Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda each designed a Gaist monster for the game. A sequel entitled Gaist Crusher God was also released in 2014, exclusively in Japan. An anime by Pierrot Studios (who also made the Power Stone anime series) was also produced in 2013.


The game has been described as a cross between Monster Hunter and Mega Man. The player must search for the Gaist, locate it and battle it. After the Gaist they are currently hunting is defeated, it becomes a hunk of metallic crystal rock and a timer starts with a Crash Chance. The game shows the timer counting down from 50 seconds, and the player must completely blast off all the Gaimetal surrounding the core of the Gaist before the time is up. If the player fails to release the core energy, they are unable to assimilate the Gaist.

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In combat, players can change the form of their Gaist Gear to adapt to the battlefield. There are three forms:

  • Melee Form: The player's default form, usually used in frontal attacks.
  • Weapon Form: The Weapon Form works similarly to Armor Form, though its appearance and function varies for each Gaist Gear equipped.
  • Extreme Form: A form that can be activated only for a short period of time. In this form, the player's character will be transformed into the Gaist closest to the Gaist Crusher's Gaist Gear, gaining invincibility, elemental attributes and higher attack power.


In the year 2047, mankind discovered a rare metal ore called "Gaimetal", which possesses a huge amount of energy, and mining for this strange metal ore begins all over the world. However, humankind are constantly under attack by the Gaist, a race of metallic creatures whose bodies are encrusted with Gaimetal, thus leading to the rise of the GCG (also known as "Gaist Crusher Garrison"), an organization tasked with dealing against the Gaist. The GCG send out mankind's last line of defense: the Gaist Crushers, humans who can wear a special Gaimetal armor called "Gaist Gear" to dig deep below the earth to battle them.


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  • Recca Shirogane - (Element Attribute: Fire) Recca is a hot-headed character who happens to be quite the glutton, which is quite fitting as his family runs a bento shop. His weapon of choice is a blade.
  • Hayato Kongōji - (Element Attribute: Wind) Hayato is an intellectual character who excels at using effective strategies in combat. He is one of the smarter characters out there. However, he does seem to have his occasional slips. His weapon of choice is a scythe.
  • Kurama Shindō - (Element Attribute: Gaia) Kurama is a ninja and is also part of a Gaist ninja organization. His looks aside, he has the mannerisms of a normal boy. His weapon of choice is a claw.
  • Shiren Quartzheart - (Element Attribute: Ice) Shiren is a lone-wolf type character from a severely cold place, known as Icegard. He remains emotionless even towards any event which would have otherwise triggered a reaction from him. His past remains a huge enigma, and he also has a lot of mysteries surrounding his identity. He eventually became a friend of Recca because they shared the same purpose. His weapon of choice is a bow.
  • Izuna - (Element Attribute: Thunder) - the villain that appears in front of Rekka and his friends. Izuna is a mysterious Gaist Crusher that uses a dragon-based thunder Gaist Gear.
  • Rock Vulcan - Vulcan is the director of GCG, and is an excellent leader with vast amounts of knowledge and experience to back up his position. He’s a friendly person who’s known for cracking jokes with those around him, but when things get serious he demonstrates his leadership skills to lead the rest of the members of the team.
  • Sakura Sango - Sakura is the operator of GCG. She keeps track of any Gaist outbreaks, and provides informational support for combat to the game’s protagonist, Rekka, and the others from the base. Contrary to her young and playful appearance, she’s actually a very serious lady.
  • Zeke Bana - Zeke is the captain who gathers the battle squad, who goes by the name “Captain Bana”. He wears an artificial Gaist Gear along with his trained body and his indomitable spirit to help fight against Gaist.
  • Cypher - second-in-command to Omega, leader of the Erasers, a mysterious organization that wreaks havoc. He is a Gaist user that intends to dominate the world. He does not hesitate with regards to eliminating those that stand in the way of fulfilling his plans.
  • Omega - the Boss of the Erasers. He uses Gaists for violent purposes and in the attempt of world conquest. His face is concealed under a mask and thus everything about him is a mystery.


  • Fire Fenrir
  • Arc Phoenix
  • Hurricane Djinn
  • Magical Cait Sith
  • Maximum Tauros
  • Bloody Ogre
  • Tekkou Ryujin
  • Onmyo Yatagarasu
  • Wind Garuda
  • Gaia Orochi
  • Blizzard Unicorn
  • Lightning Dragon



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