Gamof, as he appears in Plasma Sword.
Full Name Gamof Gohgry
Birthdate N/A (in De Rosa time, he is 29 years old, but it is unknown how much of Earth time is equal to a De Rosa year)
Birthplace Planet De Rosa in the Andromeda Galaxy
Height 188cm (6'2")
Weight 140kg (309 lbs.)
Blood Type N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style N/A

Gamof Gohgry is a fighting game character in the Star Gladiator series. Gamof is a brown-furred alien who fights with a Plasma Axe and has a kind and friendly personality from within sight, but when angered, Gamof can easily become an unstoppable force in combat.


Gamof comes from the forest planet of De Rosa which lies from within the Andromeda Galaxy of the universe and that he works as a noble lumberjack to help support his family. When an unknown Earth microbe virus destroys nearly all of De Rosa's own forests, Gamof is forced to find a new line of work and eventually becomes a reluctant bounty hunter, meeting up with Hayato during this time and the two of them become good friends to each other. Upon hearing and learning about the threat of the Fourth Empire, Gamof decides to join the Star Gladiator project along with Hayato so that he can ensure the safety of both his home planet and his family.

In Plasma Sword (Star Gladiator 2), Gamof aids Hayato, June, and Saturn in battling against the Fourth Empire and from within the process, Gamof has a personal battle against a black-furred evil contender of his alien race who works for the Fourth Empire. Years later, Gamof is visited by June and her young daughter Ele and from within the conversation, June tells Gamof that she had wanted her daughter to see the beautiful rich nature of De Rosa, since Earth itself has no real nature left.

Endings Edit

Star GladiatorEdit

Back on his home planet of De Rosa, Gamof has purchased the woodlands with his reward money. He's decided to go back to his peaceful life of being a lumberman. To ensure that the woodlands would never be corrupted again, Gamof formed and is the leader of an organization against drugs.

One day, after coming home from a hard day's work, Gamof's family greets him.

"Tell me again, brother. Tell me the story of the Star Gladiator."

Pressed by his younger brothers, Gamof begins to tell his favorite story...

Plasma SwordEdit

In one of Gamof's endings, he must fight a black-furred evil contender of his alien race before he is seen with June and Ele, her young daughter.

Gamof has returned to the planet De Rosa after defeating Bilstein. But there is still something he must do...

Next, Gamof is seen in a forest facing off against a black-furred evil contender of his alien race.

  • EVIL CONTENDER: What are you doing here? Have you come back only to be beaten by us again?
  • GAMOF: I'm not quite what I used to be! I won't let you ruin this planet with your evil anymore! Are you ready?

They battle each other, and after the evil contender is defeated, time passes...

Gamof, June and a little Ele are seen standing in the forest.

  • JUNE: Gamof, long time no see!
  • GAMOF: Gamo, gamogamo?
  • JUNE: You're wondering what I'm doing on such a distant planet? There's almost no nature left on the earth. It's sad, but true. So...I wanted to show my daughter the rich nature of De Rosa.

Gallery Edit

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