Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (ゴースト トリック, Gōsuto Torikku?) is an adventure game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo DS. Its development was being handled by Shu Takumi, the creator of the Ace Attorney series. The game was released in Japan on June 19, 2010, in North America on January 11, 2011 and in Europe on January 14, 2011. A version for iOS was released in Japan on December 16, 2010.


  • Bartender - The "Fastidious Glass Polisher" is a composed bartender at the restaurant Chicken Kitchen who continuously polishes glasses.
  • Pigeon Man - An unnamed junkyard superintendant with a blue pigeon on his head. He is an ex-police medical examiner who quit his job to research the powers of Temsik radiation after he came across Yomiel's unusual "corpse" ten years ago.
  • Memry - A skating waitress who serves chicken and drinking water to customers in the Chicken Kitchen restaurant. It is later revealed that Memry is an undercover agent. She helps the police plant a listening device, AKA "ladybug", to listen the foreign criminal couple Beauty and Dandy.
  • Chief
  • Blue Detective - One of the detectives investigating Sissel's death. He looks a bit like Phoenix Wright, wearing the same blue suit and red tie.
  • Green Detective - The other detective investigating Sissel's death. He dresses in a green suit like Winston Payne from the Ace Attorney games.
  • Amelie - Amelie is the daughter of the Justice Minister, and the original target of Beauty and Dandy's kidnapping attempts. She's in the dark about what her parents are arguing about, mistakenly thinking it was about her mother's weird novels instead, and she's rather precocious and in a way, more mature than her parents. Amelie is also a friend of Kamila.
  • Emma - Emma is Lynne's neighbour, the wife of the Justice Minister and Amelie's mother. A romance novel writer and a formidable woman, she can knock out Missile through the wall of their apartments with a wine bottle and beat the living daylights out of rats. She's totally fearless. Emma left her husband after he didn't admit to his mistake publicly about being manipulated to order Jowd's execution, keeping their daughter away from him even during his birthday. Her rose-shaped hair blooms when she's angry.
  • Justice Minister - The Justice Minister is first seen lying dead on the ground in his own office. After going back in time, Sissel found out he got a fatal heart attack as he accidentally dropped his medicine and the water bottle. Sissel manages to save him by kicking the medicine back on the desk. It was soon found out that the minister's daughter had been kidnapped and that he only agreed with the execution of Jowd because he had no choice. Sissel however finds out that the kidnappers had mistakingly kidnapped Kamila instead. He then goes to the Minister's home and lets Amelie call the minister to calm him down. After he calmed down a bit, the Justice minister now admits to himself that ghosts are not in his mind, but that they do exist. He also tells Sissel, Cabanela and Jowd that he had been manipulated by the Manipulator into signing Jowd's execution.
  • Medical Examiner
  • Detective Rindge
  • Leaflet Boy - The "Guardian of the Park" is an unnamed young man who stays in Temsik Park. He's often seen harassing people in Temsik Park with his leaflets about the "rock of the gods" and saving the park from being turned into a housing estate. This is with good reason, because he witnessed the Temsik meteorite fall ten years ago and saw the meteorite fragment kill Yomiel, who had taken little Lynne hostage. It is also because of the Temsik meteorite that the park is going to be turned into housing however. Unknown to him, the authorities wanted to remove the meteorite without raising a fuss and had planned the housing plan to cover up their movements. He also witnessed Kamila's kidnapping, and died once because Missile swapped Mino which had crushed Kamila with a leaf above his head, crushing him instead until Sissel came along. During Yomiel's explanation of the Temsik meteorite, Yomiel explained that the park was surrounded by armed guards at all times to prevent theft of the space-rock; tiptoeing onto the screen, an incredulous Sissel asks if the Guardian of the Park was one of those armed guards in a disguise- Yomiel confirmed, however, that the Guardian is just a really weird guy who loves the park.
  • Bailey
  • Chef
  • Police Officer
  • Rock Jailbird
  • Curry-Loving Jailbird
  • Yomiel - He is the real owner of the body that Sissel mistakenly uses in his ghost form.


The game revolves around a man named Sissel who "wakes up" to discover he's dead, having no memories of who he was or why he was killed. As a ghost, he is taught by a possessed lamp how to perform Ghost Tricks, but is also informed that once dawn comes, his soul will disappear forever. While trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding his memories and death, Sissel uses his ghostly powers to protect other people from suffering the same fate he did.


Each level starts four minutes before a character is destined to be killed by a near-sighted gunman, the goal of the level being to prevent that from happening. As a spirit, Sissel can hop between nearby objects by activating Ghost Mode and dragging the DS stylus between nearby points. Sissel can only travel a certain radius from an object, meaning the player must connect through multiple objects to reach further areas.

While possessing certain objects, Sissel can interact with them by performing "Tricks", which can provoke certain reactions from other characters. For example, moving a tray of donuts will prompt a character to change where he/she is currently seated. The player must use these tricks to open up new paths, so they can distract the victim towards safety, or hinder the efforts of the assassin. Some sections include moments where the player must race against a short timer in order to save the victim. Should the player fail to save the victim, he/she can rewind time by four minutes in order to fix their mistakes.

Development Edit

Development was handled by the creator of the Ace Attorney series, Shu Takumi. As he explained in the Famitsu magazine; "I first thought of this idea about five years ago. "We were working on the third Ace Attorney and figured it was time to start thinking about the next thing. So I came up with a plan to make a new type of mystery, something different in style from Ace Attorney."[1] The game was originally titled as "Ghost Spy", and was later renamed as "Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective".[2]

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine in 2013, Takumi said that he'd love to make a crossover video game between Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney, speculating that Phoenix Wright could be killed, while his killer would be prosecuted by Sissel.[3]


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