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Gyakuten Kenji 2 (逆転検事2?, lit. "Turnabout Prosecutor 2"), unofficially referred to as "Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2", is an adventure video game for the Nintendo DS handheld game console by Capcom. It is the sixth game in the Ace Attorney series, and a sequel to the spin-off game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The game was released in year 2011 only in Japan and there are currently no plans for Capcom to release the game in the West (lack of manpower stated to be the cause), which has prompted the creation of a fan translation patch, enabling the game to be playable in English.



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Promotional art.

The game's first case, Turnabout Target, opens with an assassination attempt on Teikun Ō, the visiting president of Zheng Fa; the president survives the attempt, but his head bodyguard, Gai Tojiro is apparently killed in his place. Edgeworth is called in to investigate, aided by Kay and Gumshoe, and quickly suspects an individual who turns out to be the infamous assassin Shelly de Killer, previously encountered by Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All.

The second case, The Imprisoned Turnabout, sees Edgeworth assigned to prosecute Naitō, but on the eve of his trial, Naitō is found dead in the local prison. Sōta Sarushiro, an employee of the Berry Big Circus (which also previously appeared in Justice for All, although Sarushiro did not) and longtime friend of Naitō is suspected of the murder, but Edgeworth's attempt to investigate is stymied when Judge Mikagami shows up and assigns Yumihiko Ichiyanagi, a young and egotistical but blatantly incompetent prosecutor, to the case in Edgeworth's place.

The third case, The Inherited Turnabout, takes place in two different time periods, separated by 18 years. In the past segment, the player controls Gregory Edgeworth (Miles Edgeworth's father), who is accompanied by a young Shigaraki, and is called to defend famous chef Issei Tenkai from the charge of murdering fellow chef Isaku Hyōdō. The other suspects include Tenkai's assistant and adoptive daughter Tsukasa Oyashiki, and fellow chefs Delicy Scone and Yutaka Kazami. Ultimately, neither Gregory nor the assigned prosecutor, Manfred von Karma, are able to make much progress in the investigation, because the body has gone missing. However, von Karma is able to threaten and coerce Tenkai into falsely confessing to being an accomplice to murder, and Tenkai receives a life sentence. Gregory's only victory is getting von Karma a penalty for attempting to conceal the disappearance of the body, which so enrages von Karma that it later provokes him into murdering Gregory (as previously seen in the series' first game).

In the present-day segment of the case, Miles Edgeworth and Shigaraki arrive at Tenkai's former home, which has become an art gallery run by the now adult Oyashiki. Shortly after arrival they witness an older Kazami nearly be gassed to death by a trap, and Ichiyanagi is again assigned to prosecute under Judge Mikagami's direction, with Edgeworth this time investigating as a witness. Edgeworth concludes that Oyashiki was responsible for both the murder 18 years ago and the attempt on Kazami's life, but when questioned, she admits to the latter crime, but not Hyōdō's murder, which she accuses Kazami of being responsible for. The recovered Kazami then arrives and after questioning, gleefully admits to murdering Hyōdō, who he had conspired with to cheat in a cookery contest, but had then been betrayed by at the last minute. Kazami claims that he cannot be charged, since the 15 year statute of limitations for him to be arrested has passed, but Edgeworth and Shigaraki are able to use legal loopholes to prove that Kazami can still be prosecuted; consequently Kazami and Oyashiki are both jailed (though it's implied that the latter has enough mitigating circumstances that she will only serve a light sentence), while Tenkai is released.

In the fourth case, The Forgotten Turnabout, a badly injured and amnesic Kay is brought to Edgeworth, and is accused of murdering defense attorney Tsubasa Kagome. Edgeworth attempts to investigate, but before he can do much is brought up before the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, which threatens to strip him of his badge unless he agrees not to be involved in Kay's case; however, Edgeworth voluntarily gives up his badge and continues to investigate as an aide to Manfred von Karma's daughter, Franziska von Karma. Edgeworth discovers that someone has been auctioning off evidence from legal cases, and finds a tape recording indicating that Kagome's murderer had a burn mark on his or her chin; however, Edgeworth is then arrested on false charges of trying to help Kay escape.

The fifth and final case, The Grand Turnabout, begins within an hour (and perhaps less than) of the previous case, with Teikun Ō suddenly turning up dead in mysterious circumstances. Edgeworth finally re-encounters Shi-Long Lang here, who has lost his subordinate team of 100 men due to his mishandling of the investigation into the smuggling ring (detailed in the previous game). Before Edgeworth can investigate too far in, he gets involved with Marī Miwa's trial; Yumihiko Ichiyanagi was due to prosecute, but fails to show up, and upon being questioned by Edgeworth, Mikagami admits that Bansai Ichiyanagi is coercing her into acquitting Miwa and to that end has abducted her adoptive son, Shimon Aizawa.

When Edgeworth tries to rescue Shimon however, he finds out that Bansai's henchmen bungled the job and actually abducted Yumihiko, who helps recover incriminating evidence that his father attempted to destroy, while Kay and Gumshoe rescue Aizawa, who was abducted by a third party. Miwa is convicted, and Bansai's own crimes further established, but no sooner has that trial ended that Shi-Long Lang announces that Judge Mikagami and/or her son is responsible for Teikun Ō's murder.

Edgeworth is again forced to investigate, and discovers that Aizawa is the son of the deceased president, who it further turns out actually died twelve years prior; the "Teikun Ō" seen during the game was an imposter, who had Ryōken Hōinbō kill the real president, and then covered up his crime with the help of Miwa and Bansai Ichiyanagi. During the investigation Edgeworth is contacted by someone who claims credit for kidknapping Aizawa and assaulting Kay during the previous case, and all involved are shocked when this person is eventually discovered to be Sōta Sarushiro.


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  • This is the first game in the series that doesn't feature the judge who watched over most of the protagonist's cases in the main games. He is however referenced in the ending of the final episode.
  • Underneath his coat, Yumihiko Ichiyanagi wears a blue Themis Legal Academy uniform, though this wasn't known until the guidebook for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (released in 2013), Gyakuten Saiban 5 Official Complete Guidebook, which states that he studied there, and that the blue uniform he wears was previously the uniform for students taking the prosecutor course until it was changed in later years to the red uniform seen in Turnabout Academy.

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