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Hugo, as he appears in Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition
Full Name Hugo Andore
Birthdate May 19,
Birthplace Germany Germany
Height 240cm (7'10")
Weight 200kg (440 lbs)
Blood Type N/A
Likes Poison, tag teaming, Potatoes, hot dogs, Chinese Food
Dislikes People who hurt his friends, Being made fun of, Poison's naggy attitude, complex decisions, losing
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Pro Wrestling
Hugo is a character from the Final Fight series and the Street Fighter games.

Story Edit

Pre-Final FightEdit

Hugo Andore is a giant man raised on a farm in Germany, and a former member of the Mad Gear gang. He crossed over to North America when he was 20 years old, and was able to use his sheer size and strength to start a career in professional wrestling. Hugo was undefeated in both the wrestling world as well as the ultimate fighting world.

Final Fight seriesEdit

Hugo Andore and several members of his family were prominent members of Mad Gear, although Cody outfought the elder members in a cage match in the West Side and Mike Haggar humiliated him in the original Final Fight, which infuriated the wrestler to no end; it made him so mad that in Final Fight Revenge, Andore attempted to give a televised broadcast to Haggar challenging him for the mayor-ship through a wrestling match, but unfortunately the broadcast was never aired. Andore and his family would continue to join Metro City's most prominent gangs for years to come, including a revived, worldwide Mad Gear in Final Fight 2 and Mad Gear's successor the Skull Cross gang in Final Fight 3. Even so, Haggar and his friends crushed each of these syndicates and Andore's hopes of glory.

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

After the breakup of the Mad Gear, Hugo eked out an existence as a construction worker living in a trailer. When a mob of former Mad Gear members came to his trailer looking for a fight, he was a broken man crying for his mother's potatoes. When one of the thugs says that he's like a potato himself and strikes him, Hugo becomes enraged and thrashes them all, deciding to go to S.I.N.'s new tournament to show his strength.

After defeating one of Bison's artificial beings in a wrestling ring, his former colleague Poison approaches him, offering to be his manager. Hugo declines, saying that he won't take orders anymore. Poison says that she won't be his boss, but that he could use her help because he has the brains of a potato. At this, Hugo becomes pensive. Poison interprets this as disinterest and announces that she'll leave him alone, as if she stays any longer she'll become a potato too. Hugo, excited, tells her that he will take her up on her offer and that she can be a potato, too.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

Deciding that the criminal lifestyle was not for him, Hugo entered the third World Warrior tournament, accompanied by his friend and fellow former Mad Gear member, Poison. His goal through this action was to find a suitable tag team partner, due to his former one being mysteriously killed off by a rival. During the tournament, Hugo battled with Ryu, a traveler constantly perfecting his fighting skills. In that battle, Hugo was hit by the Shin Shoryuken, Ryu's most powerful move, but he was not knocked out by it and continued to fight. Ryu was impressed enough by this to temporarily become Hugo's tag team partner in Hugo's ending in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.

Hugo and Poison also decided to start their own wrestling promotion, the Huge/Hyu Wrestling Army (HWA). Their main objective is to take over all of pro wrestling.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Hugo appeared in the non-canonical Final Fight: Streetwise along with several familiar faces. He appeared as one of the pit-fighters that Vito Bracca made Kyle fight initially, for info on Cody. Hugo, going in the game only by his last name, seems to have gotten better (albeit slower) in his old age. His moves are absurdly powerful and unblockable, and he can't be knocked down until he's beaten. His mop of curly hair is now a light shade of brown, and he is dressed in his familiar pink spotted tanktop. In the game, Hugo can be found under Vito's restaurant in the Little Italy section of Metro City.


  • Hugo is the largest character in the entire Street Fighter series, in both height and weight.
  • In Cody's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 3, there is a billboard in the background with Hugo's face and name.
  • After much speculation, a Capcom employee confirmed that Andore and Hugo are the same person.[1] After starting out with the Andore clan in the first two Final Fight games, it is possible he broke away, joined up with Poison (who he knew from Mad Gear), and changed his professional name to Hugo to disassociate himself from his family. Also, Hugo in the Street Fighter III games has the same pink-leopard-print-outfit-with-a-chain-belt look as Andore, despite the game taking place years later.
  • His birthday is on the same day as Andre The Giant (born 1946).
  • Bartholomew Kuma, from the manga and anime series One Piece, closely resembles Hugo's appearance (mostly his hairstyle and face).
  • In Super Street Fighter IV, in the Skyscraper Under Construction stage, Hugo can be seen in the background with a bunch of other construction workers.
  • While Hugo's famous outfit of leopard print tanktop and chain belt was worn during his incarnations in the first Final Fight and in the Street Fighter series, he (and his clan) also wore other different outfits, like some denim overalls in Final Fight 2 and a plain wifebeater and mismatched colored pants with boots in Final Fight 3.

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