RE Outbreak Jim

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a character from the Resident Evil survival horror games. He is one of the playable characters from Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 which are spin-offs of the main games.

Biography Edit

Jim worked in the Raccoon City subway. Something of a coward (like Brad Vickers), Jim has perfected the ability to "play dead," which causes enemies to ignore him (at the cost of an increased rate of infection). He is skilled at working out puzzles, and can open complicated mechanisms that other survivors cannot access.

Personality Edit

He is a highly intelligent person who enjoys nothing more than sitting down to a crossword puzzle or some other thought-provoking challenge to pass the time, although his manner of speech and choice of clothing gives people other impressions.


Jim has two unlockable Alternate Outfits: "Slam Dunk" from Outbreak, and "Bike Messenger" from File 2.

To unlock and purchase these costumes, special items which are scattered throughout various scenarios at varying difficulty levels in both games must be found.

"Slam Dunk" Alternate Outfit:

White Tanktop Outbreak - E/N
Rare Shoes Below Freezing Point - H/VH
Basketball Uniform The Hive - E/N
Baggy Shorts Hellfire - E/N
Signed Basketball Decisions, Decisions - H/VH
"Bike Messenger" Alternate Outfit:
Fanny Pack Wild Things - E
Biking Shoes Underbelly - N
Waterproof Parka Flashback - H
Racing Helmet Desperate Times - E
Racing Pants End of the Road - VH


Best Partners Edit

Personal Items Edit

  • Coin - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Whenever Jim flips his Coin, the result is displayed on-screen. Each time the coin comes up "heads", Jim's rate of critical hits increases 15%. Therefore, if the Coin is flipped three times and comes up "heads" every time, Jim's critical hit rate rises by 45%. However, if the Coin comes up "tails", the bonus is reset to 0%. Used wisely, the Coin can turn Jim into a real killing machine!
  • Lucky Coin - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - When Jim or some other character possesses this item, the chance of a critical hit rises by 5%, the durability of melee weapons becomes stronger, and Handguns and Shotguns cannot be broken by a Hunter's attack. Jim as a non-playable partner rarely agrees to trade this item for anything.

Special Actions Edit

  • Playing Dead - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Holding R1 and pressing X will cause Jim to fall to the ground and remain motionless. Enemies will ignore him while he is playing dead, so it is useful when surrounded. However, this skill must be used with extreme caution, as the virus gauge increases much faster until he gets up again.
  • Item Search - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Even when Jim enters a room or area for the first time, the positions of items become apparent on the map. The type of item is not specified, however, until it is reached and examined. This feature enables Jim to find items much faster than the other characters, especially hidden or unseen ones.
  • Swing Combo - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - Holding R1 and then pressing Circle with a melee weapon equipped will cause Jim to swing it, just as the other characters would. However, pressing Circle the moment Jim finishes his first swing immediately causes him to swing again. This special action leaves him breathless for a moment, so it should be used with caution.

Gallery Edit

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