Joe's artwork from the Japanese Street Fighter V website.
Full Name Joe
Birthdate November 8[1]
Birthplace 22px-Flag of the United States svg Missouri, United States of America[1]
Height 186 cm[1]
Weight 76 kg[1]
Blood Type N/A
Likes Star-shaped things, fame[1]
Dislikes Pickles, defeat[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Kickboxing

Joe (ジョー) is a non-playable character from the Street Fighter series who only appeared in the original Street Fighter game as one of the ten computer-controlled opponents.


Joe was formerly the unbeaten kickboxing champion of the United States before violent outbursts and financial troubles caused him to become an outlaw on the road. He currently participates in indie wrestling tournaments.[1]


  • Joe is loosely based on the late Kickboxing legend, Joe Lewis.
  • Up until their new artwork was released for the Street Fighter V website, Mike and Joe were the only fighters never to be officially featured in any other Street Fighter related media outside the original game.
  • Many fans originally believed that Joe was the blond character in the Street Fighter II intro who punches the African-American character who was often speculated to be Mike but the Street Fighter V website later revealed that the blonde character in the intro is a different character named Scott while the African-American fighter is named Max.[3]
  • Joe was originally planned to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as the "escaped prisoner fighter" but was later replaced by Cody.[citation needed] This implies that he was probably supposed to be a feisty, impulsive individual, not unlike Cody.
  • In Final Fight: Streetwise, Kyle faces a Kickboxing fighter in Little Italy's fight club named "Ghost", who sports the same pants and hair style as Joe, leading some to believe that Joe and Ghost are the same person.

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