An image of zucchini which oddly enough is Kappah's character select screen portrait in Star Gladiator.
Full Name Kappah Nosuke
Blood Type
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
Fighting Style

Kappah Nosuke is a character from the Star Gladiator series of 3D fighting games.

Profile Edit

A green-skinned turtle-like humanoid alien who comes from the Planet Kappa which lies from within the Cygnus Galaxy of the universe. He fights with a Plasma Kappadent, a spear not unlike that of a monk's spade. Much like the Andromedean Saturanians, the Kappans are a race of aliens who have advanced technologies beyond that of Earth's, and have long visited the blue planet since they discovered it. As their planet's climate is most similar to that of the nation of Japan, and have become extremely fond of the rice wine of sake, some Kappans remained on Earth during human civilization's earliest years.

Upon Planet Kappa's introduction to Earth when they had progressed to properly understand and coexist with extraterrestrial life, the threat of the Fourth Empire prompted those Kappans of Japan to rise up and help defend the Earth Federation, as those of Earth came to learn the arts of war and necessary force, unlike their peaceful and pacifistic brethren.

Western Manual InterpretationEdit

Kappah and his race are known for having a military and war-like lifestyle on their home planet and all of them despise peace and friendship, living only for war and fighting.

Kappah himself has a bitter and belligerent nature and personality as a military soldier, which led him to join Bilstein and the Fourth Empire, who in turn would promise to defend his home planet from any potential outside threats. Kappah plays very similar to Gerelt, barring a few specials, although the characters are in no way related.

Trivia Edit

  • Kappah is based on a legendary Japanese creature known as a Kappa, which is a type of water sprite that usually inhabits various ponds and rivers throughout most of Japan.
  • Oddly enough, as seen above, Kappah does not have a character select screen portrait of himself but of an image of a cucumber instead.

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