Kevin Ryman

Kevin Ryman is a character from the Resident Evil survival horror games. He is one of the playable characters from Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 which are spin-offs of the main games.

Biography Edit

Kevin is an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. He possesses superior athletic abilities, and is an outstanding marksman. An all-around good guy, he's a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who doesn't dwell on petty matters.

Personality Edit

While his happy-go-lucky personality occasionally works against him (a contributing factor to his two failures in the S.T.A.R.S. selection process), his personal dedication and drive to help others brought him to the attention of Police Chief Brian Irons, who eagerly accepted him into the newly formed Select Police Force.

Kevin is athletic, good with firearms and an avid car lover. J's Bar is Kevin's favorite haunt, where he spends much of his time attempting to flirt with waitress Cindy Lennox. Ryman's can-do attitude tends to grate on all but the most optimistic of individuals.

Jim Chapman and Alyssa Ashcroft share a mutual dislike of Kevin, while Mark Wilkins loathes him openly, seeing in him all the arrogance of his own youth. Despite their attitudes towards him, Kevin is determined to do his duty and see the small group of survivors to safety. He seems to have had a budding friendship with Leon S. Kennedy, but this is never fully explained.

Appearance Edit

During the Outbreak, Kevin wore his S.P.F. uniform with black boots and gloves.

His unlockable Alternate Outfits include a cowboy costume from Outbreak (called "Six Shooter"), and a casual outfit consisting of a plaid shirt and blue jeans (called "Lone Wolf") from File 2.

To unlock and purchase these costumes, special items which are scattered throughout various scenarios at varying difficulty levels in both games must be found.

"Six Shooter" Alternate Outfit:
Western Boots Outbreak - E/N
White T-shirt Below Freezing Point - E/N
Old Cigarette Box The Hive - E/N
Faded Jeans Hellfire - H/VH
Cowboy Hat Decisions, Decisions - E/N
Leather Belt Decisions, Decisions - H/VH
"Lone Wolf" Alternate Outfit:
Flannel Shirt Wild Things - H
Basketball Shoes Underbelly - E
Hairspray Flashback - VH
Vintage Jacket Desperate Times - N
Used Jeans End of the Road - E


Best Partners Edit

Personal Items Edit

  • 45 Auto - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - A more powerful weapon than the usual handgun, but ammo for this weapon is scarce. Since Kevin's custom weapon gives him the advantage in boss fights, players should reserve its usage until then.
  • 45 Auto Magazine - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - An extra clip of ammunition for Kevin's personal 45 Auto. Holding L1 reloads the gun quickly. The magazine can be refilled by combining it with 45 Auto Rounds.

Special Actions Edit

  • Kick - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Holding R1 and X (Cancel) will have Kevin execute a swift kick. Using it can knock enemies backward just as they are about to attack. When used properly, it creates enough room to aim a firearm or prepare a knife attack. The kick can also be used to knock open a locked door or a wall panel.
  • Critical Shot - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Like Alyssa, Kevin will readjust his aim when equipped with a handgun, if the R1 button is held for a long moment. This will cause the bullet/s to critically damage the enemy. Does not work with a rifle equipped.
  • Elbow Tackle - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) Holding the R1 and Circle buttons when no weapon is equipped will cause Kevin to lunge further and knock down enemies more easily than other characters can accomplish with standard Tackle attacks.

Gallery Edit

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