Legend of Kay is a adventure game for the PlayStation 2 about a young feline warrior who tries to save his once-peaceful island from the Gorillas and Rats who have conquered it.
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Another Legend of Kay Trailer


Legend of Kay was developed by Neon Studios, and released by Capcom in North America.

Characters Edit

  • Kay: The main character; a cat who studies martial arts, but when his school is shut down, he goes on a mission to rid the evil rulers' stranglehold on his village.
  • The Master: The Master was the best fighter in all of Yenching, and is still able to go, but he now pefers to sit around, sleep and drink.
  • Shun: The main villain and leader of the powerful Gorilla army, he has taken over Yenching.
  • Tak: The king of Rats is untrustworthy, but he still remains a lackey to Shun.
  • Su Ling: A childhood friend of Kay's who starts a revolt against Shun's army.
  • Bodyguard: Shun's lackey, and general of the gorilla army.

Story Edit

For generations, the peaceful cats have lived on the mythical island of Yenching in the Chinese sea, together with many other animals. Kay, the cat hero of the game, is an apprentice in martial arts. He was practicing in his master's Dojo when Minister Shun, lord of the mighty gorillas, attacked his home and dislodged the cat township. On a quest to protect them, Kay begins an amazing journey which takes him across the vast island of Yenching. Gradually, he begins to unravel the incredible secret that lies hidden in the volcano fortress of Minister Shun.

Some of the enemies are unable to control their actions as a result of having a special device fixed onto them by Shun's army, making them attack whoever the Gorilla army sees as a foe.

There is also many other animals (including Hares, Pandas and Frogs) who share the once-peaceful lands with the Cats and they are also under Shun's rule.

Gameplay Edit

To be added...

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