Char 162517
Li-Fen in Street Fighter V Chun Li's Story Mode
Full Name Li-Fen
Birthdate N/A (Some Time during before or Street Fighter 4)
Birthplace N/A (Presumably China)
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Blood Type N/A
Likes Chun Li
Dislikes N/A
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style Tai Chi (Presumably)

Li-Fen, Chun-Li's adopted daughter, is a minor character from the Street Fighter series. She is also one of Chun-Li's martial arts students in the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter V

Li-Fen has a cameo in Chun-Li's story, teaching her not to do everything alone and giving her her famous Hair Bun during the Alpha series.

Street Fighters 3:Third Strike

Urien kidnapped the young girl for his scientific projects, and Chun-Li goes after him. Challenging him, she defeats Urien and reclaims the young girl. Since then, Chun-Li has continued to raise her adopted kids.


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