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Los Illuminados, from the spanish term for herd, are the primary enemies in the game Resident Evil 4. Illuminados are humans who have become infested by the mind-controlling Las Plagas parasites. Illuminados appear ordinary, with their only distinguishable feature being that their irises are red, and shine like a cat's.

Humans infected with the Las Plagas parasites can be controlled, through sound waves, by the person in control of the Queen Egg; in this case, Lord Saddler. In one of Ada's reports, she suggests that it is possible that the Queen issues commands through high pitched sound waves, the same principle found in dog whistles.


There are three main types of Illuminados found in the game (by order of appearance):


  • Dr. Salvador - a terrifying enemy wielding a chainsaw.
  • Bella Sisters - two women wielding red chainsaws. They wear bandages completely covering their heads.


  • Soldiers (Militia)
  • J.J. - a tough enemy wielding a gatling gun.


An official Capcom walkthrough book states that the weapons merchant is also an Illuminado. Evidence for this is that his eyes also glow red at night like other Illuminados.


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