Magic Sword is a side-scrolling arcade action game released in 1990. The game casts the player as "Brave One", a heroic swordman who must journey to and fight his way through a mystical tower in order to confront the dark lord, Drokmar, and destroy a magic orb which he plans to use in order to rule the world. A port of the single player game was released for the Super NES and the arcade version is included in Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. An enhanced version with HD graphics, online co-op play and packaged with Final Fight called Double Impact became available for download in April 2010.


The player can use a sword or magic, and can also rescue potential allies of various character classes, each of which has his own special abilities.

Characters Edit

  • Brave One - the main protagonist of the game, Brave One is a barbarian-type hero armed with a sword.


The allies who can join the player during the quest include:

  • Amazon: A talented archer, her crossbow fires 2 bolts at a time. Low firepower but high speed. At Level 8, her bolts are engulfed with flame.
  • Ninja: Fast but not so powerful; throws 2-5 shurikens that bounce around floors, walls, and celings to hit enemies.
  • Thief: Armed with a dagger and 1-3 bombs; can detect hidden or booby-trapped treasure chests.
  • Priest: Slow and weak; creates holy bullets into a rotating barrier around him and can be launched to seek enemies and deal double damage to the undead.
  • Big Man: A strong and endurant ally. He uses a slow but powerful boomerang-axe that returns to him when thrown.
  • Wizard: Has the strongest attacks but is slow and frail; conjures magic missiles that rotate in a barrier around him and can be fired in multiple directions. The wizard lowers his hood from Level 4 and above.
  • Lizardman: Strong and quick; an enemy that can be bribed into an ally only if the player holds a diamond ring as his special item; throws 3-4 swords that pierce through enemies. The lizardman can also be found as a prisoner, but only on a few floors.
  • Knight: Strongest ally; throws 1-3 spears that pierce through enemies; found in the upper levels of the tower.

Tower BossesEdit

  • Chimera - Tower Entrance (Beginning)
  • Gold Dragon - 4th Floor
  • Skull Chimera - 12th Floor
  • Emerald Dragon - 17th Floor - (29th Floor in the SNES version)
  • Celestial Twin Serpents - 24th Floor
  • Hydra - 36th Floor
  • Queen Chimera - 49th Floor
  • Lord Drokmar - 50th Floor : The game's ultimate antagonist and bearer of the Black Orb.

Trivia Edit

  • The game has been suggested as a spiritual successor to Black Tiger.
  • After defeating Drokmar, the player is able to choose whether or not to use the magic orb to become evil, giving the player a choice of two endings. Taking the orb results in the "bad" ending, where the hero becomes the new Dark Lord, while choosing not to take it shows a scene where the hero destroys the orb and defeats Drokmar once and for all, restoring peace to the land. The "bad" ending counts as an automatic Game Over.
  • On Floor 38 and secret Floor 45, The Creation of Adam can be seen in the background, but not in the SNES version.
  • These characters, including Lord Drokmar, returned in the Japan-only release Capcom World 2.


Arcade Version [Staff]Edit

Game Design: Y.Ohnishi, T.Sadamoto, Y.Okamoto
Character Design: Kurisan, K.Kitayama, E.Nishihara, T.Saramoto
Art: Y.Fukumoto, M.Kawamura, Y.Maruyama
Title Design: S.Yamashita
English Story: S.Maxwell
Sound: M.Gotoh
Program: Y.Egawa, Y.Tsunazaki, S.Okada, Y.Oronishi
Special Thanks: Poo, A.Yasuda, Nin Nin, K.Yokota, H.Minobe, Y.Ohji, T.Kuhara, T.Matsunaga
Presented by: ©Capcom

SNES Version [Consumer Staff]

Planning: Bamboo
Character: Yamazou, Zizii, Hyper Bengie
Title Design: Ikki
Soft: Imo, Yoshilim, Kanekon

  • NOTE: Kouji Murata is uncredited for boss and enemy programming for this version.

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