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Red Earth Mai-Ling
Full Name Mai-Ling
Blood Type
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
Fighting Style

Mai-Ling (Tao in Japan) is a fighting game character from the fantasy-themed 2D arcade game Red Earth where she is one of the four playable main characters.

Story Edit

Mai-Ling is a fourteen year old skilled martial artist from Gora. Recently, she left her hometown and participated in a martial arts tournament in which she won first place. Overjoyed, she returned home to tell her family, but her joy turned to horror when she found her home and the entire town ablaze. As she stood in shock, the harpy Lavia descended from the sky and took credit for the destruction.

Mai-Ling then decided to search for the missing children from her town, and to discover what terrible evil had befallen the world.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • Kuujin Ken- a flaming projectile.
  • Enryuu Kyaku- a flaming uppercut kick.
  • Koukaku Shuu - Mai-Ling jumps back and charges diagonally at the enemy.
  • Mystic Force - An elemental attack.
  • Idaten - Allows her to dash in the middle of the jump. Can hit the enemy for minimal damage.
  • Koen - Mai-Ling dashes at her enemy and attacks with a multi-hitting somersault.
  • Kuugeki Shou - She dashes, jumps at her opponent and, if he lands on them, grabs them and unleashes an energy blast.
  • Tentsui Ga - Mai-Ling grabs her opponent, throws them high and pummels them in the air.
  • Super Kuujin Ken - A multi-hitting, wider Kuujin Ken projectile.
  • Super Enryuu Kyaku - An enhanced version of the Enryuu Kyaku.


As Mai-Ling levels up by fighting opponents in Red Earth, her title changes and grants her more abilities. Her titles are as follows:

  • Grappler - (Level 1)
  • Striker - (At Level 3)
  • Buster - (At Level 6)
  • Martian - (At Level 10)
  • Champion - (At Level 14)
  • Ironfist - (At Level 19)
  • Godfist - (At Level 25)
  • Asura - (At Level 32)


  • In some sketches from Red Earth, it is shown that Mai-Ling is accompanied by a small dog, presumably from her hometown.

Gallery Edit


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