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Mega Man Battle Network 2 is the second game in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Artwork and illustrations were done by Ryuji Higurashi. There are a few changes from the original game, such as MegaMan no longer healing automatically after each battle and the introduction of the SubChip, a device similar in basic concept to a battle chip, but one that can only be activated outside of battle. Also introduced was Style Change which affects damage received, attack damage, physical appearance, among other benefits. MegaMan may take on one of five Styles, each of which will also be aligned with one of four elements. He can store up to two styles in his memory at once and change out when not battling.


Characters Edit

MMBN2 Japan art
  • Lan Hikari
  • MegaMan.EXE
  • Roll.EXE/Maylu
  • Glyde.EXE/Yai
  • GutsMan.EXE/Dex
  • ProtoMan.EXE/Chaud
  • HeatMan.EXE
  • Higsby
  • Ms. Mari
  • ShadowMan.EXE
  • Bass.EXE
  • GateMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Mr. Famous.
  • CutMan.EXE and FreezeMan.EXE - are the NetNavis of Sean Obihiro. Sean is also the leader of the Gospel organization, appearing disguised.
  • AirMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Arashi.
  • QuickMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Speedy Dave.
  • MagnetMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Mr. Gauss.
  • KnightMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Princess Pride.
  • ThunderMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Raoul.
  • ToadMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Ribitta.
  • SnakeMan.EXE - is the NetNavi of Ms. Millions.
  • Gospel - the wolf-like Multibug Organism that is the final boss of the game. Gospel is designed after the classic Mega Man series character, Treble. A later boss, Cybeast Gregar, is most probably designed after Gospel, as it looks similar to it.

Story Edit

The following summer after WWW's defeat, a new terrorist group called Gospel emerged. Their tactics differ considerably compared to WWW, as they appear to have no set goal. Gospel's plan seemingly consisted of only causing random destruction with their NetNavis and accompanying viruses. Lan and MegaMan battled every member and prevented the worst possible situations.

However, Gospel's hidden plan was to re-create the ultimate NetNavi, Bass.EXE (Forte.EXE in Japan). Using bug fragments, they planned to make a large army of Bass Navis to take over the world. Unknown to Gospel, their method of creating Bass was imperfect, and his abilities were vastly below predictions. In an attempt to increase Bass's power, the leader of Gospel overloaded energy into Bass, and changed him into a giant multi-Bug organism. Although the Bug beast was stronger than before, Lan and MegaMan managed to elminate it.

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