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MegaMan Legends (Rockman DASH in Japan) is the third sub-series of games set in the Mega Man universe. It stars a different spiritual incarnation of the original Mega Man, by the name of MegaMan Volnutt, and introduced the gaming world to the vile mechanical genius Tron Bonne and her obedient Servbots.

There have only been two mobile phone games added to the sub-series since 2000, playable only in Japan. Before leaving Capcom, series creator Keiji Inafune announced his intention to create another fully-realized sequel for the Nintendo 3DS. This ultimately never came to be as in 2011, the project was cancelled.

The series' Japanese name, "DASH", stands for "Digouter's Adventure Stories in the Halcyon Days".

Games Edit

Main GamesEdit



Mobile Phone GamesEdit

Eight games for the mobile phone have been released exclusively in Japan, the first five of which starred Servbots (Kobun in Japan).

  • Kobun Assembly - (2001)
  • Kobun Can Fly? - (2001)
  • Kobun Punishment - (2001)
  • Kobun Watch - (2001)
  • Kobun Can Fly? Xmas - (2002)
  • 15 Panel - (2002)
  • Rockman DASH Golf - (2003)
  • Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on 5 Islands! - (2008)


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