Mega Man X7 (Rockman X7 in Japan) is the ninth game in the Mega Man X series, released in 2003. This game is notable for introducing the Maverick Hunter Axl, who initially starts out on the wrong side before joining the heroes.

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MMX7 Japan Art

Japan Cover Art

  • Mega Man X
  • Zero
  • Axl
  • Sigma
  • Alia
  • Red - Red is the commander and creator of the Red Alert Syndicate. Eventually, he becomes influenced by Sigma and begins commanding his troops to attack the Maverick Hunters instead. In order to retrieve Axl, he starts a war against the Hunters, challenging them to defeat his 8 generals.
  • Aluce - Aluce's illegal business was interrupted by Red Alert, but he managed to escape from them after acquiring the virus "Sigma-02." Aluce did not suspect, however, that the syndicate was merely letting him get away to see what he was going to do next. Hiding at Point RD-13-29, Aluce found himself attacked by Red Alert once again and was assassinated by Axl.
  • Cedar - The Reploid Cedar was an associate of Aluce's, apparently being his bodyguard of sorts. When Red Alert attacked Point RD-13-29, Cedar was sent to investigate and fight off the intruders. Cedar met up with Red and Axl, and was retired by the latter. Axl then used Cedar's DNA to assume his form, and assassinated Aluce.
  • Flame Hyenard - Flame Hyenard was in charge of the Red Alert Syndicate's energy refinery and lava distribution factory. When he was infected by the virus, he went mad and remained in the core of the factory where he was subsequently destroyed by the Maverick Hunters. Flame Hyenard is famous for his annoying and spammy dialogue during combat, where he repeatedly and relentlessly yells "BURN" and "BURN TO THE GROUND" endlessly until he is defeated.
  • Ride Boarski - Ride Boarski is a Reploid that incorporated vehicle enhancements in his body, and as such, led the ride chaser division of the Red Alert Syndicate. His gang occupied the Central Circuit before being defeated by the Maverick Hunters.
  • Snipe Anteator - Snipe Anteator specialized in long-range weaponry and his construction allowed him to operate perfectly in Cyberspace. When Anteator encountered the Hunters, he used the Sigma Virus, transmitting it through Cyberspace across the world. Anteator was destroyed by the hunters and the transmission stopped. It was during this battle that Anteator showed a bit of his abilities, clearly noticing hidden data within Zero, questioning what it could be.
  • Soldier Stonekong - Soldier Stonekong was the most noble of the Syndicate, and led guerilla forces in the jungle, as well as being quite efficient in close-range combat. When infected with the Maverick Virus, he became violent and looked forward to fights. However, as evidenced when he talks with Axl, Stonekong knew that Red Alert was being manipulated (by Sigma), yet he still followed the path that Red Alert chose without hesitation. After destroying his Mechaniloid army, the Maverick Hunters encountered and destroyed him.
  • Splash Warfly - Splash Warfly was a Reploid who had the curious ability to operate in water and air at above-average efficiency, as well as having noteworthy skill in the Martial arts. Commander of the Naval Forces, he employed many attack Mechaniloids and assault forces before being finally defeated by the hunters.
  • Tornado Tonion - Tonion was in control of the Radio Tower due to his mediocre fighting abilities and clownish behavior. Infected by the virus, he used the tower to broadcast irritating signals. After the tower is infiltrated, he goads the Hunters into destroying him. Like Stonekong, Tonion seemed to realize that Red Alert was being manipulated, and asked X to save them from "The Professor" (Sigma) who taught them about using DNA data.
  • Vanishing Gungaroo - Vanishing Gungaroo is the youngest member of the Red Alert syndicate, and (presumably) because of his diminutive size, received the less pressing orders from other members of Syndicate despite his fighting ability. He also came in possession of a Ride Armor to increase his fighting efficiency. After fighting through the underground base which he occupied, however, the Hunters destroyed him. Gungaroo's Ride Armor resembles a large kangaroo and its cockpit is located in its abdomen. When riding his Ride Armor, Gungaroo looks like a joey in a mother kangaroo's pouch.
  • Wind Crowrang - Wind Crowrang was commander of Red Alert's Air Forces. When infected with the virus, he led an immense battle fleet against the Hunters who traveled it to eventually destroy him.

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Mega Man X7 takes place in the 22nd century, during an age when humans coexist with humanoid robots called "Reploids". As some Reploids participate in violent and destructive crime, a police organization called the "Maverick Hunters" has been established to stamp out this activity. Maverick crime is rising in newly constructed cities. As this new crime wave hits, X retires, tired from the never-ending battles. A new group of vigilantes, Red Alert, is introduced. One of their members, Axl, decides he has had enough of their "murdering" and tries to leave the group. Red, the group's leader, is angered by Axl deserting, and goes on a rampage to get Axl back.

Axl is chased by a mechaniloid sent by Red Alert to retrieve him, and their chase causes havoc that calls for the Maverick Hunter, Zero, to investigate the area. After a quick meeting and battle against the mechaniloid, Zero takes Axl into custody at Hunter HQ. In response, Red issues a challenge to the Hunters: he will release some Mavericks that Red Alert has in captivity, and whichever group can defeat the Mavericks first will gain custody of Axl. Zero goes into the action without hesitation, and Axl's remorse for what he has done fuels his desire to become a Maverick Hunter. X stays behind, trying to find a more peaceful solution to what he views as another pointless conflict. Eventually, X decides that his involvement is required to assure a quick end to the bloody war. Alia then finds out the location of Red Alert main base. The hunters enter the Crimson Palace, defeating Red and finding a rebuilt Sigma, who has been behind Red Alert's corruption. Sigma is eventually defeated and X refuses to promote Axl to become an official Maverick Hunter, thinking he is not "mature" enough to become a hunter despite Signas & Alia feeling otherwise.

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