Mega Man X (Rockman X in Japan) is the second sub-series of games set in the Mega Man universe, featuring Mega Man X, Zero and (late in the series) Axl. There are eleven games in the series, not including remakes or anthologies.

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Key artwork for Mega Man X Collection.

The games are listed in order of their official timeline.

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For manga, see individual Mega Man X game pages.

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Capcom released Mega Man X for the Super NES to give a new image to the Mega Man game series. There are a total of 13 games in the Mega Man X series: Mega Man X, X2 and X3 on the Super NES (with ports of X1 and X3 to the PC, and a port of X3, released only in Japan and Europe, to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn), Mega Man X4-6 on the PlayStation (X4 also being on the Sega Saturn, and X4-5 being ported to the PC), Mega Man X7-8 on the PlayStation 2 (X8 also being on the PC in Japan and Europe, while X7 was (possibly) only released in South Korea), the RPG Mega Man X: Command Mission on the GameCube and PlayStation 2, and Mega Man Xtreme and Xtreme 2 on the Game Boy Color. Mega Man X was remade on the PlayStation Portable as Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

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