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Mei-Ling (left) and Hsien-Ko

Mei-Ling (Shao Lin-Lin in Japan and in all versions of Darkstalkers 3) is a minor character in the Darkstalkers series.

She and Hsien-Ko were born as twin sisters in the eighteenth century. During this time, spirits of the dead arose from their graves and attacked her village. After her mother was killed by a demon, she and her sister decided to use Tensei-no-Jutsu to save her soul, but they used a prohibited sub-division of the technique, Igyo Tenshin-no-Jutsu. This turned the twins into a jiāngshī (僵屍 "stiff corpse"), a type of Chinese zombie/vampire. However, it also gave Mei-Ling and her sister unusual abilities.

Mei-Ling is actually the ward-paper (fú) on Hsien-Ko's hat. Hsien-Ko's powers cannot be fully controlled, unless Mei-Ling does so herself when she becomes the ward-paper. If she separates from Hsien-Ko, many of her sister's abilities no longer work, so they essentially fight as one. Hsien-Ko is the "body", and Mei-Ling the "mind".

Powers and abilities Edit

Outside from being able to transform into a spirit ward and control Hsien-Ko's body, Mei-Ling's abilities are not fully known but in the Darkstalkers OVA, she seems to be a skilled sword wielder.

Other appearancesEdit

Mei-Ling has a cameo in Hsien-Ko's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.


  • In the manga "Vampire Savior - Tamashii No Mayoigo" by Azuma Mayumi, Mei-Ling's manga name is Rin-Rin.
  • Mei-Ling made a cameo appearance as one of Anita's powers in Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Mei-Ling is a special DLC costume pack for her sister Hsien-Ko in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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