Bakusou Senki Metal Walker (爆走戦記 メタルウォーカー) is a handheld LCD pedometer game released by Capcom in October 30, 1998. The game received a manga adaptation by Coro Coro Comics and was released for the Game Boy Color as Bakusou Senki Metal Walker GB: Kotetsu no Yuujou (爆走戦記 メタルウォーカーGB 鋼鉄の友情) in December 24, 1999. The Game Boy version was released outside Japan as Metal Walker.

Gameplay Edit

The original handheld game is a "walking adventure" and each Metal Walker has two attacks.

In the Game Boy Color version, Tetto uses his Metal Walker on Flip Battles, which consists of Metal Walkers running and bouncing around the arena to damage opponents by ramming them. Every turn a Capsule will fall in a random place from the area, and the first Metal Walker to pass over it will automatically use it. There are several Capsules with different effects, both helpful or harmful, and opponent Metal Walkers can be pushed on them. The Capsule Analyzer scans Metal Walkers that pass over it and allows the player to buy Capsules of scanned enemies in Junk Shops.

Story (Game Boy Color) Edit


Promotional art.

In the 21st century, the "Core", a metal which can evolve was found on an island. Military research on the "Core" began shortly after. However, a terrible disaster destroyed every facility and left the island a ruined, decimated wasteland. All that remained on the island were piles of ruins and rubble, so people named the place "Rusted Land".

Fifty years have passed. Tetsuo Kurama went to Rusted Land with his son Tetto and to search for Core Units. Once in the island, they are attacked by Metal Busters and got separated. After the attack Tetto awakens in a house with the Meta Ball and a communicator, which he can use to contact Professor Hawk. Now Tetto searches for his father in the island, Hawk suggesting him to search for Core Units. During his quest Tetto discovers that an evil plot is unfolding in the island.

Characters Edit

  • Tetto Kurama - The player's character. He searches for his father in Rusted Land by looking for Core Units.
  • Meta Ball - A Metal Walker model that accompanies Tetto and protects him. He was developed by Professor Hawk.
  • Tetsuo Kurama - Tetto's father and assistant of Professor Hawk. He went to Rusted Land with his son and Meta Ball to look for Core Units, but they got separated when they were attacked by Metal Busters.
  • Professor Hawk - The authority on research for the Core Units.
  • Emil Crowzer - The daughter of the president of Crowzer Corporations, which produces Metal Walkers. She is a novice Core Hunter that went to Rusted Land to search for Core Units. At one point of the game she is kidnapped and Tetto has to rescue her.
  • Badoh - A Core Hunter that becomes a friendly rival of Tetto.
  • Dolfi - Grandson of the deceased Professor Green.
  • Marina - Dolfi's sister. The first time she sees Tetto she thinks he is a Metal Master and fights against him, but later she realizes her mistake and befriends him.
  • Metal Masters - A mysterious group of villains that is searching for Core Units


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