Mia Fey as seen in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Mia Fey, known as Chihiro Ayasato in Japan, is a character from the Ace Attorney series of click-and-point mystery adventure games. She was a member of the Fey clan of spirit mediums, a legendary defense attorney, the older sister of Maya Fey and the mentor of Phoenix Wright.

Story Edit

The Eldest daughter of Misty Fey, Mia became a defense attorney to find out what happened to her mother after the DL-6 incident. She initially worked at Marvin Grossberg's office alongside Diego Armando, and subsequently opened her own practice. In the first, she serves as Phoenix's boss for the first case, but is murdered by Redd White shortly thereafter in the second case. However, her spirit can be summoned by either Maya or Pearl Fey when Wright needs help. Trials and Tribulations features two "flashback" cases in which the player plays as Mia in her first and second murder cases at Grossberg's law firm.

Trivia Edit

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