Monster Hunter Freedom (Monster Hunter G/Monster Hunter Portable in Japan) is the second release in the Monster Hunter series.


Originally a PS2 Japan-only title, the game is meant to be a sort of "expansion" for the original Japanese Monster Hunter, since the American edition had a number of significant changes from the Japanese version. It was later released in America and Europe for the Playstation Portable. Monster Hunter Freedom presents an online mode which MH doesn't. Some of the expansions included monster color changes and varieties to make them harder or easier. It also featured an online playing experience which was greatly improved upon from the original.

New CreaturesEdit

Monster Hunter Freedom Trailer 102:01

Monster Hunter Freedom Trailer 1


  • Ashen Lao-Shan Lung, an ashen-colored Lao-Shan Lung subspecies.
  • Azure Rathalos, an azure-colored Rathalos subspecies. Females are pink and are called Pink Rathians.
  • Black Diablos, a female Diablos in the breeding season.
  • Black Gravios, a black-colored Gravios subspecies.
  • Blue Yian Kut-Ku, a blue-colored Yian Kut-Ku subspecies.
  • Crimson Fatalis, the crimson-colored member of the Fatalis brethren.
  • Green Plesioth, a green-colored Plesioth subspecies.
  • Purple Gypceros, a purple-colored Gypceros subspecies.
  • Red Khezu, a red-colored Khezu subspecies.
  • Silver Rathalos, a silver-colored Rathalos subspecies. Females are yellow and are called Gold Rathians.
  • White Monoblos, a white-colored Monoblos subspecies.
  • Yian Garuga, a large, dark-purple Yian Kut-Ku subspecies.

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