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Necro in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition
Full Name Necro (Ilia, before being experimented on)
Birthdate October 22,
Birthplace Russia Russia
Height 6'6"; he can vary at will
Weight 345 lbs ; he can vary at will
Blood Type Unknown
Likes Freedom
Dislikes Gill and Urien
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) Unknown
Fighting Style None known

Necro is a character from the Street Fighter series, He first appeared in the Street Fighter III games.



Necro is white with bolts on his back and purple boots. He is completely bald and has orange tattoos in his face and shoulders.


Necro is plucky, optimistic, and ever determined when it comes to his personial goals but he can be surly, competitive, funny and smart mouthed in return. Despite being on the run from the Illuminati and always pressured when they do turn up, Necro still dreams big and has his eyes always on the faintest of hope in the middle of a bleak situation; even transformed into the superpowered mutant he is today, he nonetheless enjoys his newfound powers and abilities that comes with it, and in turn with those powers, he hopes to give the Illuminati a run for their money for all their evil.

Story Edit

Street Fighter III: New Generation and 2nd ImpactEdit

Illia is the third youngest of his four brothers. He left his small village in Moscow to seek independence and riches since the fall of the Soviet Union. While searching, Gill and his organization confronted him and promised him a better life. They persuaded Illia to join, but he was tricked and experimented on to do their deeds. He was given the ability to stretch his limbs and produce electricity from his body, at the cost of leaving him looking like a mutant. A cybernetic computer was implanted into his brain that enhanced his fighting potential as well. Illia began taking on special missions for the organization under the name "Necro".

Street Fighter III: Third StrikeEdit

Necro entered the third Street Fighter tournament and saw it as a way to gain back his freedom and get revenge on Gill. But he was tricked again and ended being trapped and tied up, and Gill left him to die inside the self-destructing base. However, Necro's companion Effie managed to save him and they escaped before they were destroyed. They were now both free, but they knew they would still be chased by Gill's organization.

Gameplay and fighting style Edit

Necro's fighting style involves grappling his opponents with his unpredictable and flexible rubber limbs, and using the electrical current generated in his body to shock them. The cybernetic computer in his brain helps give him superhuman fighting abilities.

Necro's abilities seem to be inspired by Dhalsim and Blanka, and while he can stretch his limbs similarly to the former and generate electricity similarly to the latter, his play style is completely different in comparison to them.


  • One of Dhalsim's alternate color schemes in some of his crossover appearances could be a reference to Necro.[citation needed]
  • When Necro wins the round that decides the fight, Effie will run in and copy his victory pose. Furthermore, if Necro loses the round that decides the fight, Effie will run in and collapse beside him.

Gallery Edit


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