Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Vampire Hunter, ヴァンパイア ハンター, Vanpaia Hantā? in Japan) is the second game in the Darkstalkers series of gothic horror fighting games. Released in 1995, it is the upgraded version of the original game which introduced several gameplay changes to the game.

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Intro

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Intro


The game introduced two new playable characters, Donovan Baine and Hsien-Ko, who were out to hunt the other Darkstalkers (hence the Japanese title, Vampire Hunter). The two bosses from the first game, Huitzil and Pyron, were now playable characters as well. The game was first released for arcades and later ported to the Sega Saturn. Character art was done by Ikeno.

Gameplay Edit

The main change in Night Warriors is the ability for the player to stock up on their special bars, allowing them to store more than one special bar and preserve them through the entire match. Two types of Super Moves are featured in the game: ES Specials, which requires a portion of the Special bar, and EX Specials, which require a complete Special bar to perform. Players can choose between a "Normal" gameplay style, or one that offers Auto-Blocking.

Characters Edit

Vampire Hunter Art

Japanese Cover Art by CRMK.

Returning Fighters
Jon Talbain
Lord Raptor
Pyron (Final boss)
New Fighters
Anita (Non-playable)

Story Edit

The story line was retconned, possibly to avoid a similar plot to the Street Fighter series as the Darkstalkers no longer fight to see who is the "Lord of the Night".

"Pyron invades Earth to add to his collection of planets that he has devoured. Enter the world's most fearsome monsters who, ironically, are the last defense of mankind. Meanwhile, two darkstalker hunters make their presence known and join in the fray".

Ports Edit

A version for the Sega Saturn was released in 1996. It features an "Appendix Mode" that allows players to customize the backgrounds, the opponents' colors and background music between the regular ones and the ones used in the original Darkstalkers. The only difference is that some of the background stages colors aren't the same to the original Darkstalkers.

Trivia Edit

  • An anime combining plot elements from Night Warriors and the previous game in the series was also produced.


Game Designer: Ohn, Nohah
Sound Designer: T.Kawakami "T.K,NY", Toshio Kajino
Music Composer: Anachey "Takapon", Hideki O.K, Akari.K –Lemon–
Object Designer: Kuri, Tanuki, Ikusan Z, Takashi Hayashi, Hiroshi Shibata, Kitasan, Mizuho, Q, The Who, Kimo Kimo, Shisui, Yorio, Takaoka, Pei, Mizupyon, G Kamina, Chunkichi, Tsuyoshi, Kamameshi, "Kouda" IsI.B, Kagerou Yanagi, Yoshioka, Dekao, Kick, Syuuchan, Kidai, Kozuchi, Delta
Scroll Designer: Kyo, Tamachan, Motokazz.S, Aya
Program Designer: Panda, T J, Odawara Hassssssy, Mo.SUZUKI, MiN, Ittetsu, Tsuna Hayahide, Hero Hero, Hdo, Tora Papa & Yume & Hide Mama
Producer: Kihaji-O
Special Thanks: Poo, Spikey, Mucchi, Alex Jimenez [Capcom USA], Mr. Shiraiwa, and Capcom All Staff
Presented by: Capcom


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