Shin Oni Ohatsu


Ohatsu is a Onimusha character in the game Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

Like Magoichi Saika before her, Ohatsu's weapon of choice is a gun, making her a bit different from her fellow warriors, and more than a bit controversial.

Profile Edit

She is the younger sister to Lady Yodo and daughter of Oyu. Since the birth of Hideyori to her older sister, Ohatsu has been very troubled by the change she has noticed in the two. Friends since childhood, Ohatsu holds intense feelings for Soki. She is an expert marksman under her mentor, Magoichi of Onimusha 2, able to use a variety of firearms as well as explosives and a grapple hook. In the aftermath, she was married to a noble of a Kyoto house.


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