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Plant 42

Plant 42 is a enemy from the Resident Evil series. It is a large plant infected with the T-Virus in the game Resident Evil and its remake.

It was part of the experiment on botanical subjects by Umbrella researcher Henry Sarton. With a massive flower-like nucleus protected by distorted petals and extremely powerful vines, Plant 42 grew to invade Spencer Mansion, using its roots to feed on the water in the Aqua Ring beneath it.

As noted in a chemistry report lying around in the residence, the plant is vulnerable to a particular chemical, named V-Jolt or UMB Nº20. Exposing the roots of the plant to this chemical dries them up, and weakens it considerably.

Other Appearances Edit

Plant 42 also had to be destroyed in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and is featured in the Biohazard pachislot game in Japan.

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