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Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (スターグラディエイター 2 Suta- Guradieita- Tsu, Star Gladiator 2 in Japan) is the 1999 arcade sequel to Star Gladiator. It is the second game in the Star Gladiator series. Character art was done by CRMK.
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Plasma Sword


Story Edit

In the epic battle of the Final Crusade that had occurred from within last year, Hayato Kanzaki had slayed the evil Dr. Edward Bilstein and brought the end of the Fourth Empire's terror and destruction throughout the entire universe. The fall of the Fourth Empire and the death of its leader were momentous occasions of last year and that it had signaled the restoration of peace and happiness, but all is not well from within the universe.

Rumors have been circulating about the unexpected return of Bilstein in a new cybernetic body, as well as the appearance of a ghost who eerily looks like Bilstein's old cybernetic body. At the same time, the Fourth Empire has taken the opportunity in rebuilding its strong forces and that the loyal members of the organization are quite determined to carry out Bilstein's evil will of eliminating those who stand in the way of their emperor's universal conquest.

Hayato, June, Saturn, and Gamof soon realize that the malevolent threat of Bilstein is far from over and that the four of them must head back into the relentless fight in order to defeat Bilstein and the Fourth Empire once and for all. However, the quartet is not alone from within their second battle as they have new friends to assist them from within the inevitable conflict, such as their former enemy turned ally Zelkin, an extremely strong Japanese military war soldier named Gantetsu, a noble and aspiring American superhero named Eagle, and a mysterious yet cheerful young Japanese rhythmic gymnast named Ele. Hayato and his friends will find themselves heading back into the hard ordeal as Star Gladiators, Fourth Empire members, and neutral parties will be thrust into a war that will determine the fate of not only the Earth, but the entire universe.

The Nightmare of Bilstein has now begun....

Characters Edit

All characters from Star Gladiator return (with the exception of Rimgal and Kappah), and fourteen new ones are featured.

  • Prince - The name "Prince" is an alias for Saturn Kuida-Ore the 3rd, who is the royal prince of the Planet Saturn who fights with Plasma Yo-Yos. Prince grew jealous of Saturn as he got more attention from the citizens of their home planet and from within due time, he had developed a strong determination to defeat Saturn and prove that he's a much better street performer. After adopting the alias of "Prince", he allies himself with Bilstein and uses the Fourth Empire's influence as a front for chasing his own rival.
  • Gantetsu - An extremely strong Japanese military war soldier and heavy drinker who fights with a Plasma Axe. Even though Gantetsu lacks strategic thinking, he makes up for it with his tough stamina and relentless endurance of pure combat. Under orders from his superiors in the Earth Federation, Gantetsu is given the mission of tracking down Franco Gerelt for his war crimes against humanity. Upon managing to capture Gerelt and learning of his tragic story, Gantetsu quickly forgives him and takes him to a bar for a victory drink.
  • Claire - A Spanish female fencer who fights with a Plasma Rapier and that she happens to be a long-time friend of Gerelt, in which she works with him under Bilstein. It is unclear of why Claire had joined the Fourth Empire, but it is speculated that something tragic had happened to her in the past and that she saw the Fourth Empire as a way of escaping her own inner pain and suffering. In battle, Claire is known as Scarlet Del Sol and is a master at fencing, using her precise fencing skills to mercilessly defeat her opponents. Unlike Gerelt, Claire is very loyal to Bilstein and holds the button to the bomb planted inside Gerelt's chest. Upon hearing and learning about Gerelt's revolt against Bilstein, Claire confronts him and demands an explanation from Gerelt, leading to an impromptu battle between the two fencers. Before Claire can make her final move against Gerelt, Luca confronts them unexpectedly, under orders from Gore to eliminate Claire. When Luca explodes from a Plasma energy overload due to the intensity of the match, Claire shields Gerelt from the blast and dies in his arms. It is heavily implied from within Claire's last words that she may have developed feelings for Gerelt during their time together in the Fourth Empire, and that she had wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
  • Omega - An older prototype of the current Vector model that fights with a Plasma Gun. Omega was long deemed faulty by its creator for being too compassionate. After hearing that it has a "heart", Omega searches to know on what it is before its current energy supply runs out. After failing to gain answers from Bilstein, Omega soon encounters Ele, who thinks that it is another killer Vector. Ele soon realizes Omega's true nature and explains to it that the "heart" the robot wants is something that is felt. As soon as Omega figures out on what Ele says by that specific statement, its energy runs out. Many years later, Omega is found by a pack of kids, one of them pointing out that the robot is smiling.
  • Eagle - A noble and aspiring young American modern-day superhero with a bird motif who fights with a Plasma Blade. Eagle was once an ordinary man who used to work as a faux superhero at Gorakuem Amusement Park with a bird-like costume and a pair of artificial wings. The tyranny that Bilstein had caused throughout most of the universe had motivated Eagle to become a real-life hero of justice, expressing it in a typical superhero fashion. It is suggested that Eagle is Capcom's in-joke character as he'll claim that he is the real Zelkin, harking back to past hero films where animal characters were actors in a suit.
  • Luca - An artificial girl alien made by Gore who fights with a Plasma Mace. Luca is Gore's fiancée/assistant and is only dedicated to him. Even though Luca has a kind and cheerful personality, she also has unusual sadistic tendencies and is naive to the concept of pain and death, killing other people as if it was a game. Omega will not recognize Luca as "human", sending her into denial about her own existence. If Bilstein tells Luca that she isn't human, Luca's own mind will reach its breaking point and she will unintentionally murder Gore.
  • Kaede - (Sub-Boss and Secret Character) - A young sly Japanese kunoichi who fights with a Plasma Hammer. Kaede was hired by the Earth Federation to seal off the Plasma power of all the other Plasma fighters. When Kaede's benefactors turn on her, she immediately escapes from their base with ease, but not before she steals all the money from their safe so that Kaede can spend the rest of her days in a state of complete luxury. Kaede is the first sub-boss and secret character who can be played through the use of a code.
  • Rai-on - (Sub-Boss and Secret Character) - A mysterious black-furred lion-like humanoid alien who fights with Plasma Claws and that he happens to be another member of The Four Saint Beasts who has the same mission as Byakko. Rai-on is more vicious by nature and is a wrathful ninja. Rai-on is essentially a color swap of Byakko with black fur, instead of white, with red eyes. Rai-on's ending is similar to Byakko's, with him defeating Bilstein first and that Rai-on is then forced to battle against Byakko. Even though Byakko manages to escape, Rai-on sends the other Saint Beasts to hunt the wounded Byakko down and that he'll anticipate another bout between himself and his former teammate. Rai-on is the second sub-boss and secret character who can be played through the use of a code.


Vector and Gantetsu

Vector and Gantetsu by Hideki Ishikawa

Arcade Version [Staff]

Director: Satsuma (Ikeda), Takayoshi Terada
Main Programmer: Hiro
Demo Programmer: Hero Hero, S.K ♥Sigeru Kato♥
Player Programmer: Hero Hero, Hiro, S.K ♥Sigeru Kato♥, Masaki Kataoka
Programmer: Yoshihiro Shindome, Kohei Akiyama, CHABIN type M, Yuichi "Okaz" Kagawa, Fuku 2
Obj-Effect: Shiba-H
Obj-Motion: Naoki Fukushima, Ken, Tsuru, Masaki Yamanaka, Masayuki Maeda
Obj-Texture: Nakatani, Eiji Kuratani, Michiru
Background Design: Yasuto Takahashi, Kohama, Takuji Mishima
Sound Director: Hiroaki "X68K" Kondo (Cipher)
Sound Effect: Moe.T (T.Kitamura)
Main Music Composer: Anarchy Takapon (Takayuki Iwai)
Sub Music Composer: Cyber-T (Tetsuya Shibata)
Official Art works: MCF, Inoda.Keigo, Daichan
Title Design: Shoei
Instruction Card: Sakomizu
Voice Actor: Secret♥
Super Special Thanks: Tatsuya (Dai) Nakae
Special Thanks: Neo-G (H.Ishizawa), Erik Suzuki, Dan Okada, Chris Tang, Steve Lee, Chiaki.S, and Capcom All Staff
Presented by: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Dreamcast Version [Consumer Version Staff]

Main Programmer: Yuichi Iwasaki
Programmer: Masaomi Onuma, Hiroaki Ishii, Masayuki Nabeta
Tools: Daiske Sugiura, Yosuke Ogawa
Obj-Character: Naoki Uchiumi, Soichi Kaburagi, Fujitaka Tani, Ryohei Murakami, Shinji Watanabe
Obj-Effect: Takeo Kumazawa
IconDotSprite: Takashi Nakashima
Data Convert: Akifumi Ishiyama
Special Thanks: kazuo Ikeda, and Capcom All Staff
Presented by: Capcom Co., Ltd.

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