Reo Uratani (裏谷 玲央) is a Capcom sound composer and musician employed in 2008. He is mainly involved with the Monster Hunter series, having formed the unit BlackLute with fellow Monster Hunter series composer Tadayoshi Makino in 2012.

One of the games he worked on was the cancelled Mega Man Legends 3.

Production History Edit

Song CreditsEdit

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • Secret Hot Spring Where Hunters Gather -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Yukumo Airou Farm -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Fanged Beast Appears! -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Life Burning in the Storm -- Composition & Arrangement

Mega Man Legends 3

  • Flutter -- Arrangement

We are Rock-Men!

  • Flutter VS. Gesellschaft -- Arrangement, Guitar

BlackLute ~Monster Hunter Guitar Arrange~

Monster Hunter 4

  • Kaitori Appears! -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Audience with the Queen -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Sakeraku Feast -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Drunken Romantic -- Composition & Arrangement

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