Note: For a more in-depth look on Riccardo, see Clock Tower Wiki's article.

Riccardo is Castle Belli's grounds-keeper in the horror game Haunting Ground.

A monk-like figure, it initially appears he is the person in charge of the castle when in actuality he is a servant. Riccardo is searching for Fiona Belli's Azoth because he needs it to be reborn. Lorenzo created two clones: Ugo Belli and Riccardo Belli, although only Ugo was given the Azoth. Riccardo failed in getting the Azoth from Ugo, but realized that Ugo's daughter Fiona had the Azoth from her father's traits.

Unlike the previous stalkers in the game, Debilitas and Daniella, he seems to have no intentions of killing Fiona but punches, slaps or kicks her instead. However, if Fiona gets too close to him during a chase, he may get carried away and shoot her dead with his gun. He is clever and persistent and will frighten her by firing his gun in the air. The real danger in dealing with Riccardo is that he can shoot and seriously injure Hewie, leaving Fiona to fend for herself.

Riccardo is finally defeated following a battle on top of the Water Tower, being knocked off the side by Hewie.

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