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Rival Schools, known as Justice Gakuen (Justice Academy) in Japan, is a series of 3D fighting games developed by Capcom. The games focuses on a large cast of students and teachers from various schools duking it out in their fight for justice. The series is set in the same universe as the Street Fighter series.[1]

Games in the SeriesEdit


Rival Schools is set in the Japanese city of Aoharu City, and is centered on the student youth that attend schools throughout the area:

  • Taiyou High School - Their school motto is "A liberated school tradition yields carefree students". Taiyou High School is a small scaled campus, divided into a middle school and high school. 720 students are enrolled in its attendance. With an emphasis on their school maxim, the school's goal is to provide a free spirited and less stifling atmosphere for its students; in example, though school uniforms are assigned, the dress code is lax on uniforms and is of little consequence. Youth individuality is praised and is held in high esteem to where acceptance exams also take credit of an interviewee's extracurricular activities and to where the exam also measures one's independent and individual characteristics. Due to their dynamics and method of teaching, they boast one of the highest college enrollment percentages in the nation, especially for those who have long enrolled in Taiyou since middle school grades.
  • Gorin High School - Their school motto is "a healthy mind, a strong body, and Olympian training". Gorin High is a school devoted to developing the athletic elite, hosting an integrated 6 grade middle school curriculum and high school curriculum, with 900 middle schoolers and 1800 high schoolers enrolled in its attendance. With an emphasis on better refining athletic ability and character, it is rather these traits that hold a higher place next to academic prowess, that Gorin searches for; its near double high school student body can be thanked by its scouts scattered about the nation that scour for youth with exceptional levels of athletic talent.
    • Gorin University - Along with primary education, Gorin boasts a university campus in response to their high graduate turnout having overwhelmed other athletics centered colleges in Japan. While retaining the same spirit of training the best of athletes into secondary education, Gorin University also emphasizes the importance of sports medicine and coaching, coming full circle to help instill their alumni with the same school spirit for future generations and the next new generation of athletes.
  • Pacific High School - Their school motto is "circulate elite education through the world using culture and sports". Established near a US Military base and American citizens quarter by the harbors of Aoharu, Pacific High's crowning attributes are its high overseas US student body and emphasis on international cultural exchange and understanding. Plenty of its students descend from personnel and celebrities of high profiles, adding to its prestige.
  • Gedo High School - Their school motto is "use lessons that drill the mind to raise people who don't drift from the way of the people", although its student body argues otherwise "by gang morals and perseverance, one person will force a lot of graduations".
  • Seijun Jogakuin High School- Their school motto is "raise women who display feminine virtues and the time-honored traditions of Japan within themselves".
  • Justice High School - Their school motto is "A sound mind and body build excellent abilities".
  • Tamagawa Minami High School - Not very much is known about this school, other than it made a cameo appearance as a stage in Street Fighter EX, and that Sakura attends its campus.

History Edit

Comics Edit

A comic book mini-series based on Rival Schools was produced by Udon Studios, with its first issue published on May 17, 2006, with art by Corey Lewis. Originally, the comic was to be produced by Dreamwave Productions, but when Dreamwave showed signs of financial failure, the rights of the comic were sold to Udon, who already produced the successful Street Fighter comics. The comic was not as successful as the Street Fighter series. The comic made available on August 31, 2007 in the U.S. and later released as a web comic.

Future Edit

On October 2013, Dragon's Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno expressed interest in continuing the series by developing a third installment.[2]


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