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Rook in Capcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holder
Full Name Rook
Birthdate November 12[1]
Birthplace Unknown[1]
Height 182 cm[1]
Weight 70 kg[1]
Blood Type B
Likes Cooking, Metal Carving[1]
Dislikes Ultra-violet rays[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style

Rook, also known as the Fallen Angel, is a character who was originally supposed to appear in the canceled crossover fighting game Capcom Fighting All-Stars as one of the four original characters. Despite only being indirectly connected to the Street Fighter series, he was given a profile in the Street Fighter V character guide.[1]


Rook is a mysterious man whose peculiar genes were awakened by a mysterious organization, thus becoming a "CODE HOLDER”. Always working together with D.D., he doesn't speak too much and has a cool personality.[1]


Rooks focuses mainly on leg attacks in various combinations. His flashy movements blend together elements of light and darkness.


  • Wind Spear - An anti-air upward kick
  • Shifting Dimension Whip - A rekka series of up to 3 kick attacks
  • Assault Size - An axe kick done after a short jump
  • IN HEAVEN - An auto-counter, reversing an opponent's attack against them.

Crossover AppearancesEdit


Rook appeared in the rhythm RPG Otoranger alongside D.D. and Ingrid.



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