Ruby Heart
Ruby in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
Full Name Ruby Heart
Birthdate February 24 (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Birthplace Norway (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Height 174 cm (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Weight 55 kg (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Blood Type B (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Likes Antiques, Travel (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Dislikes Boredom (Street Fighter's Ruby)[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) N/A
Fighting Style

Ruby Heart (ルビィ・ハート?) is a fighting game character created by Capcom who made her debut in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes as one of the four "original" characters.

In the Street Fighter universe, a character adapted from Ruby Heart, simply named Ruby (ルビィ?), was introduced in the Street Fighter V character guide in September 2016, where she's established as the younger sister of the main characters from the puzzle game Pirate Ship Higemaru, Momotaru, Bows and Beard (who were also adapted into the Street Fighter universe).[1]


Ruby Heart is a french-speaking pirate captain with a prominent reputation across all seven seas[2]. She travels across the world with her crew in a flying ship known as Partenaire (パルトネール Parutoneeru?, French for "Partner"), mistranslated as "Pare-Tonn're" (a misspell of "paratonnerre", French for "lightning rod") in English. She's always searching for objects with hidden magical powers to add to her collection. She can be seen manipulating several of these magical objects in her special and hyper combos in the game[2], including a water-manipulating book and a haunted chest with hostile ghosts within. Outside her ship, Ruby is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter and employs an anchor as a melee weapon.

While seeking out a way to steal the fabled "Armor of Erosion" from ancient times, Ruby Heart sees herself involved in the crisis brought about by its awakening destroying the land. Unable to defeat Abyss alone, Ruby assembles the strongest heroes from the Marvel and Capcom universes.[3] The assembled army of heroes track down Abyss and discover its power source; a black sphere in its center. After Abyss is defeated, the sphere ends up cracked and drained of power. On their voyage back aboard her ship, Ruby Heart contemplates Abyss' orb to add it to her collection, but seeing it devoid of any power she decides to instead cast it into the sea.

Other appearancesEdit

Dai Koukai Frontier Edit

Ruby Heart was planned to appear as one of the primary characters in a pirate-themed mobile social game titled Dai Koukai Frontier. Initially slated to release in February 2014, the game entered an indefinite delay in order to increase its quality, and the official site has not been updated since then.

Street Fighter V Edit

Ruby is the youngest child in a family of fishermen which include her older brothers Momotaru, Bow. and Beard. A strong-willed lady, she is the most stable person in the entire family. She always makes clear what she wants and always enjoyed tales about her father's travels. While working at her mother's bar she started constructing her own ship to sail the seas. Her ship's name is "Partenaire", French for "Partner".[1]

It is worth noting that her name is officially "Ruby", dropping her last name in this continuity. Game director Takayuki Nagayama stated in his Twitter account that she's not intended to be Ruby Heart, but a different character similar to her.[4]



Special AttacksEdit

  • Schwarzaile: Transforms her body into a energy ball that hits multiple times. The attack can be controlled depending on the direction is pressed. Up to two times can the attack change directions. (Can also be done in the air.)
  • Sublimation: Shoots a column of water from the ground. The distance is depended on what kick button is pressed.
  • Fantôme: Ruby Heart summons a treasure chest next to her. After a bit a ghost pops out and heads toward the opponent. If the ghost successfully grabs the opponent it will start to drain their hyper meter.Half a bar will be depleted, after that it will drift away.
  • Rafale Cannon: Ruby Heart throws an anchor at the opponent, if it connects she will pull her opponent towards her and shoot them out of a cannon. Light Punch will shoot the anchor straight across, while the Hard Punch will shoot diagonally up-right.


  • Acorrding to Seth Killian and Yoshinori Ono, Ruby Heart was originally a rejected concept character of the Darkstalkers series.[5][6]
  • Ruby Heart's 4th Hyper Combo, "Tour de Magie", is based on a popular children's game known as "Pop-up Pirate", which originated in Japan in 1975.


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Gallery Edit

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