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Ryoji Yamamoto (山本 亮治) is a Capcom employee who has served as a sound designer since the CPS2 era, usually credited by just Ryoji.

Yamamoto is also a vocal performer, singing on occasion for various Capcom games and soundtracks.

He is probably best known as Guts Man's singing voice for his image song ("Ah~ Otoko Ichidai...") in Mega Man Battle & Chase.

Production HistoryEdit

Song CreditsEdit

Mega Man Battle & Chase

  • Ah~ Otoko Ichidai... (Game version) ~Guts Man Special Ending~ -- Performed by
  • Ah~ Otoko Ichidai... (original Mix) -- Performed by

Breath of Fire IV

  • A Little After the Dream -- Vocals (w/Yoshino Aoki), Guitar

Rockman EXE 5DS & 6 Music Complete Encyclopedia

Gyakuten Saiban Special Courtroom 2008 Orchestra Concert ~Gyakuten Meets Orchestra~ Commemorative Souvenir

  • Oedo Warrior Tonosaman's Song -- Vocals


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